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373V: Trade mom in for a new one (Solved!)

I’m looking for a children’s book that I read in the 70s when I was in grade school. It was most likely a library book. A child is unhappy with his (I believe a boy) mom because she is too strict or just isn’t getting his way, and so he takes her to a mommy store to trade her in for a new one. I believe he cycles through several new mom. This does not turn out as expected and he eventually brings his original mom back home because she’s perfect. I remember one artwork that struck me, because the mom was very patient as she waited in the store to be “reclaimed” and I think she was wearing a long coat and hat, holding a purse, maybe even dress gloves. Strikes me as something a lady in the 1950s-1960s might wear.

364B: Big and Little Mother and Daughter Pair

I am looking for a children’s picture book which I read in the mid 1980s (not sure if it was new at the time) at a public library in Columbus OH.  The story has a mother and daughter that plays on the theme of big and little.
The title is something like ‘When you were little and I was big’ or ‘When I was big and you were little’  – I did find a book with a similar title, but it wasn’t the right one.

Some memorable lines include  – ‘When you were little and I was big I gave you a bath in a teaspoon, and one piece of spaghetti was your whole dinner, and I carried you to school in my pocket’

360C: A perfect day at the shore

I’m looking for an old children’s book that my mom used to read to me but I can’t remember the title. It was about a mother and a young daughter who spent the day together getting ice cream and going to the beach. The beach was a New England looking type of beach, the illustrations were pastel in nature, maybe watercolors. I feel like it was called something like The Perfect Day or A Day at the Shore but those titles aren’t turning up results. I would have read it in the 80s and early 90s and it was not brand new then. It is not Beach Day, Day at the Seashore or The Seashore Book

355D: Girl Spends Day With Mom, Boy Spends Day With Dad

I’m looking for a children’s book that I had in the mid 1970’s.  It was a hardcover book and I believe it was oversized.  The ‘first’ story was about a child (believe it was a girl) spending the day with her mommy.  You then flipped the book upside down & over and there was a ‘second’ story about the child spending the day with his/her daddy and they went to the zoo.  I remember a picture of them looking in the animal exhibit and the child is holding a balloon and I think they get ice cream.  I’m pretty sure it’s people and not animals (i.e. not the Mercer Meyer little critter book).

354B: Crocus Walk

This children’s book is about a mother and daughter who take a walk outside and look at different things on their walk. In particular, I remember that they looked at crocuses. The book was a large hardback book with a matte white cover. The illustrations were pastel colored, maybe using colored pencils. I remember that in at least one illustration the mother and daughter were holding hands. It was probably written around 1985 or a bit earlier, because I remember reading it with my mother when I was five or so. That’s all I can remember. Hopefully there are enough clues!

349O: Children Look for Missing Mother, Who Got in Accident

A young mother leaves her children to go for a romantic night away with her boyfriend. She realised her mistake and rushes home but is in an accident.
The children are unaware but continue going to school pretending all is OK. They go on a school trip near the location of her night away and look for her. They also have an accident  and all are reunited at the hospital.