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354E: Child leads lost family out of the woods and back home

I can vaguely recall a particular picture book from my childhood – I was born in 63 and remember ‘reading’ this as a young child. It was the story of a family on a woodland hike. The youngest in the family was a curious little boy (might’ve been a girl!) who loved to notice every plant and rock, each lichen and creature that marked the family’s path. As you might expect, the rest of the family was often frustrated at having to wait for their youngest member; they were ready to get to their destination and he was holding up their progress! Soon the family realized that they were lost in the woods and with little recollection of how to get home. The boy, however, showed them the way out. He remembered things like the shape of the last tree and the color of the boulder a little way back. He could point out where he’d seen a certain flower or noticed tracks in the mud. Soon the whole family found their way home.

353V: Orphan Cathy Runs Away to Scotland and Learns True Name (Solved!)

I’m looking for a British children’s book, likely from the late 1940s, about an orphan girl who lost her parents in the Blitz. She’s found wandering London with a torn tag that says only “Cat” so the orphanage calls her Cathy. Several years later she has a sudden recollection that makes her feel that her family is in Scotland and runs away to find them. Meets some siblings who help her and have a kind uncle named Alastair. Lo and behold, the kids end up being her cousins, her name isn’t Cathy, it’s Catriona(?) and she is reunited with the family who have been searching for her all these years. Might be the first in a series, a la the Boxcar Children. Thank you!

244E: A family journeys home (Solved)

I’m looking for a children’s book that was primarily illustrations, but had some text as well. I remember the title as “The Drive Home” or “The Journey Home” or something of the sort, but Google isn’t particularly helpful for those queries. The story was about a family traveling home after going some place – I don’t recall if they were visiting family or what, but they began in the countryside and gradually passed through the city as they got closer to their home.

I remember one of the scenes being them going past a wedding, and another where they passed a strawberry field. (One of the kids asks if they can pick strawberries and the parent says “Maybe another time.”) I believe they also passed a party or festival in the city at one point, and the story concludes with one of the parents saying something along the lines of “It’s been a good drive home.”

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

242D: Bunny with large family (Solved)

I’m trying to find a book that my daughter remembers me reading to her in the 80s when she was about 5 years old. In the book there’s a female bunny with a large family.  They annoy her so she runs away and creates her own house.  Eventually she realizes that she misses her family. It was illustrated on each page with small black and white illustrations.  It was also a small sized book, a little smaller than a trade paperback.  My daughter remembers it as a long book, but that is probably a kid’s impression.  Probably no more than 20 pages.