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330G: Runaway Fairy Finds Love Along With Her Sister

Ok, so this is an illustrated children’s book (the one I remember having was large and hard cover) and the details are fuzzy but this is what I remember. The style of the illustrations was similar to Kinuko y Craft’s although I don’t think it was done by that illustrator.
Basically, it’s about a fairy who runs away from home (she is blonde) and has to live by a stream and eats blackberries and is all alone.  Then a fairy prince finds her and likes her,  but his sisters are jealous of her – but he doesn’t care. The final scene is a gorgeous illustration of their JOINT wedding with the fairy, her sister and the fairy prince and his brother.  The protagonist fairy is beautiful and has blonde hair and her sister is pale and has black hair. It might be a version of the story of Thumbelina!
Please help, this was my favorite children’s book and I know this isn’t a lot of information but if you found it, I would be so happy!!!!

328M: Adventures Of Royal Fairy Family (Solved!)

I am trying to remember a book I read back in about the late 90s. Here is everything about the book I can recall.
The book was printed in green ink, to include the illustrations.
The story was about a fairy (I think) that was able to ride on clouds. I think the name was Mica or Micah. He went to a kingdom of humans and met a princess. The princess’ kingdom had lost a war with the other kingdom and was being taken to be married to the ugly princess of the other kingdom.
The fairy arranges the escape of the princess and takes her to his world. While there, they arrange to get married.  They have two children, a son and a daughter.
The book continues with the lives of the children. The son ends up saving a princess from a curse and marries her. The daughter makes friends with a knight and a dragon. An angry mob goes after the dragon. The knight helps defend the dragon. The knight and the daughter marry.
It was a bit of a strange book.
The writing level from what I remember was the same as the Harry Potter books.
I wish you luck.

317R: Compilation of Stories Book, Late 1970’s, Early 1980’s

The book was a compilation of stories. It had a brown hard cover & I recall that the book definitely had the Little Match Girl, the selfish giant as one of the stories, & the princess and the pea, but the story I’m wanting to find is of a young boy who I think his mother had to work new years eve & he was left home alone. It was a rainy night and he was looking out the window and a rain fairy appeared, who told him about the rain princess who was in love with the fire prince but they couldn’t be together. Then something along the lines of a fire fairy appearing in his fireplace and giving him a special suit to put on that shrunk him & he could then enter the fire with the fairy. End of story, the fire prince comes out of the fire and he and the rain princess are in love & decide they can’t live without each other so end up kissing which I think was the end of both as the fire was put out by the rain….if that makes any sense! I remember I loved the illustrations in this book, particularly this story. If you have any suggestions, that would be fantastic. Cheers!