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364B: Big and Little Mother and Daughter Pair

I am looking for a children’s picture book which I read in the mid 1980s (not sure if it was new at the time) at a public library in Columbus OH.  The story has a mother and daughter that plays on the theme of big and little.
The title is something like ‘When you were little and I was big’ or ‘When I was big and you were little’  – I did find a book with a similar title, but it wasn’t the right one.

Some memorable lines include  – ‘When you were little and I was big I gave you a bath in a teaspoon, and one piece of spaghetti was your whole dinner, and I carried you to school in my pocket’

360C: A perfect day at the shore

I’m looking for an old children’s book that my mom used to read to me but I can’t remember the title. It was about a mother and a young daughter who spent the day together getting ice cream and going to the beach. The beach was a New England looking type of beach, the illustrations were pastel in nature, maybe watercolors. I feel like it was called something like The Perfect Day or A Day at the Shore but those titles aren’t turning up results. I would have read it in the 80s and early 90s and it was not brand new then. It is not Beach Day, Day at the Seashore or The Seashore Book