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345X: Mean Girl At Boarding School Hurts Heroine’s Horse

I’m looking for a book from the 60s about a girl who attends a horse boarding school because her father works for the school. One of the other students is a “mean girl” who injures the heroine’s favorite horse because of carelessness/overconfidence. I think the title is “——— Farm” but I can’t remember all of it.

298F: Three friends from boarding school grow up

I am trying to remember the title of a novel that was most likely written in the 1980s. I read it in in 7th grade (1992-93). It was about three girls who all became friends at a boarding school and follows them into adulthood. The main character was from a poor family and she received a scholarship to go to the boarding school. Her younger sister married a rock musician while still a teenager and went on to have a hard life. After boarding school the main character moved to New York and became a personal assistant and got married then divorced. One of the girls was named Allie and she was from a very rich family and never had to work. She slept with one of the other girl’s father and the husband of the main character. I don’t really remember much about the third girl. I can’t remember of the other characters names or any hint of the title. This has been driving me crazy!!