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354Y: Elephant Overcomes Fear of Dark with Favorite Quilt (Solved!)

My stumper is a book about a little elephant going to bed, but she is afraid of the dark and can’t sleep until her mom brings her favorite quilt. I remember it having a lot of purple, lavender, and soft yellow. It would have been in the early 90s that we repeatedly checked this out from the library. My sister and I have searched off and on since high school for this book but neither of us remember the title or author!

353S: Dad Makes Funny Faces to Get Daughter to Sleep

The kid’s book I’m looking for was something my dad read to me in the 1980s. (I don’t know the vintage of the book. It could be from before the ’80s.)
The book is about a dad making various funny faces with his daughter before she goes to sleep. I seem to recall that the last page shows just their eyes in the dark.
Please help me find it!