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Need more help than what the stumper magicians offer here?  You might want to consider joining the newsgroup rec.arts.books.childrens.  This newsgroup discusses many children's books, and its readers may be able to help solve your stumpers too.  There's also a bulletin board on MSN called ExLibris, the Lost Boards (which contains the archives from when Alribis used to have a stumper page).  Yesterdayland.com. has a lot of television memories, but some book ones too.  And it seems that abebooks.com has joined the game too, with Book Slueth.

A11: Adoption
Solved: Understanding Kim

A15: Andersen, Hans Christian. Edition?
Solved: A Gift Book of Fairy Tales 

A16: Anthology with gray cover
Solved: Good Housekeeping Best Book of Bedtime Stories 

A17: Alice and Jerry?
Solved:  Friendly Village 
A22: Anthology, moralistic

Solved: The Children's Gift Book 
A24: All about...

Solved: A Calendar of Happy Thoughts

A26: Arnold rabbit
Solved: Thin Arnold

A29: Anthology of fairy tales
Solved: Fairy Tales (Hadaway)

A31: A is for Apples
Solved: Birds in my Drawer

A33: Aliens on the moon
Solved: Space Captives of the Golden Men

A35: Anthology, gender-bending
Solved: Lots of Stories 

A36: Anthology, 365 bedtime stories
Solved: The Golden Book of 365 Bedtime Stories

A37: Anthology, British
Solved: A Gallery of Children 

A38: Australian girl institutionalized
Solved: Annie's Coming Out

A39: Anthology, fairy tales
Solved:  Grimm's Fairy Tales 

A40: Anthology, another
Solved: Better Homes and Gardens Story Book 

A41: Alcott story about Goddaughter
Solved: Eight Cousins

A42: Anthology, yes another
Solved: Anderson's Fairy Tales 

A43: Atlantic City vacation
Solved:  Sophie and Gussie 

A46: Amish Sleepover
Solved: Katy, Be Good 

A47: Apple Annie and the Poisoned Dog
Solved:  Butter and Egg Lady 

A48: Anthology, witch stories
Looking for a big, hardcover book about a compilation of Witch Stories for Children when I was a kid growing up in the 80's. story:  a girl who was a witch trying to get into a school for witches  she made such a good impression on the administrators because she showed a resenblance to one of the most powerful witches.

A48 may be (though '87 seems a bit late for 'in the 80s') Witch Stories, compiled by Jane Launchbury ; New York: Derrydale Books, 1987. First Printing, Hard Cover.  Stories include Edward and Anna by Jane Launchbury; The Magic Island by Elizabeth Waugh; Witch Wurzel by Elizabth Waugh; The Witches Who Came to Stay by Philip Steele; Grumblog by Jane Garrett and Rachel and The Magic Stone by Deborah Tyler.
compiled by Helen Hoke, Witches, Witches, Witches, 1958.  This anthology may be too early to be the book you are seeking.  The cover shows witches around a flaming cauldron with skulls.  Some of the authors are Peggy
Bacon, Rachel Field, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Elizabeth Coatsworth, and Margaret Embry.
A48 anthology witch stories: perhaps Witches Brew: Eleven Eerie Stories about Magic, Witchcraft and the Supernatural, edited by Alfred Hitchcock, published NY Random 1977. If it helps, the Launchbury anthology includes the following: Edward and Anna by Jane Launchbury; The Magic Island by Elizabeth Waugh; Witch Wurzel by Elizabth Waugh; The Witches Who Came to Stay by Philip Steele; Grumblog by Jane Garrett and Rachel and the Magic Stone by Deborah Tyler.
Manning-Sanders, Ruth, A Book of Witches, 1965.  Possibly Ruth Manning-Sanders?  She did many anthologies about other-worldly creatures, dragons, dwarves, wizards, mermaids, etc.  Here's a list of the stories in the anthology:  Contents: The Old Witch -- Rapunzel -- Lazy Hans -- The Twins and the Snarling Witch -- Esben and the Witch -- Prunella -- The Donkey Lettuce -- Hansel and Gretel -- Tatterhood -- The White Dove -- Johnny and the Witch-Maidens -- The Blackstairs Mountain.
Are you thinking of a book with illustrations?  I remember a picture in a book from the early 80's with a pretty young witch holding a mirror up to deflect a spell and nasty older witch was casting.  The witch had a sweet name - Minnie, Milly?  I forget.  I had not thought about this book unitl I read your request.  The book was somewhat thin, but large (14 by 10?) and had a blue cover.  when she first went to the school there was a portrait on a wall and the admin staff got all "Oh, my!  She's the One!" on her guardians.  Is that the book?  I'll look around my parents' house for you if it is...
Various - Illustrated by Max Ranft, The Witch Book, 1976, copyright.  This compliation includes the stories: Beware of the witch of the Vasty Deep, by Betty Lacey; The entrance exam, by Mary Carey; The witch named Naob, by Helen Kronberg Olsen; Minnie's long day, by Herschel Cozine; and others.
Eleanor Estes, The Witch Family. Do Amy and Clarissa sound familiar? The story goes that one of their mothers told them stories that always began ''One day, old witch'' and the girls would draw pictures that would come true. Old witch lived on a glass hill
Jacynth Hope-Simpson, A Cavalcade of Witches, 1967? I read this one in the 70s-80s. I don't remember this particular story but there were many in there and I only read a few. I can't remember any of the exact stories, unfortunately.

A49: Anthology set of books
Solved: Child's World 

A52: Anthology with magic teapot and hedgehog
Solved: My Bedtime Book of Two Minute Stories 

A53: Anthology; collection of myths and legends
Another book from childhood that was read and re-read.  Collection of Myths and Legends (Tales and Fairy Stories) that had belonged to my Mother.  Book was hard covered and dark brown from memory.  Stores were international and old.  Stories I remember were about St George, Thor, Girl Who lost Her hair in a River, A Glass Mountain and there were many others.  My Mother suggested two titles which I have subsequently found, neither are correct, however there could have been more than one book in the collection - Old Time Tales and Tales from Ebony both have wonderful stories, neither are the right one.  I assume the book was printed in England. Could anyone suggest the title or enlighten re titles above and if there are more books in the collection. Thankyou (at least for reading and considering) and Big Big THANKS if you can pinpoint the book.

Concerning unsolved mystery A53, I ran across a children's story called The Snooks Family in a listserv to
which I subscribe. The person submitting the story says:  "I can't take credit for this one-- in fact, I don't have an author for it, so if anyone knows who to credit, please shout! My photocopy says From Tales of Ebony by Harcourt Williams (Putnam, London)" I also read a version of this on the Storytelling list, so it may be one of those often re-told stories with many variations. I've taken the liberty of making some little changes of my own."
Using google's advanced search I found: Harcourt WILLIAMS (M: 1880 - 1957) Ginger And Pickles [1930] Tales From Ebony [1934] Harcourt Williams was an actor. He was born in 1880 and died in 1957. I found 1 film with Actor containing "Harcourt Williams:" Brighton Rock Directed by John Boulting, GB, 1947. 1 hr 26 min. Thriller/Chiller. Four fairy plays E Harcourt Williams and  The reluctant dragon E Harcourt Williams.  There are many films in which Harcourt Williams played minor roles . . .
A53 anthology myths & legends: well, here's one with Thor, anyway - Old-time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children by E. Louise Smythe, published by American Book Company, New York, 1896, first  edition, illustrated in b/w and color, 136 pages. Preface reads in part 'This book originated in a series of little reading lessons prepared for the first grade pupils in the Santa Rosa (California) public schools... The spirit of the book may be illustrated by referring to the roast turkey in the story of The Little Match Girl. The story was told as dear old Hans Christian Anderson gave it to the little German children fifty years ago...' and so on. Stories include The Ugly Duckling, The Little Pine Tree, The Little Match Girl, Little Red Riding-Hood, The Apples of Idun,  How Thor Got the Hammer, The Hammer Lost and Found, The Story of the Sheep, The Good Ship Argo, Jason and the Harpies, The Brass Bulls, Jason and the Dragon.
William Patten, Junior Classics: Fairy and Wonder Tales, 1918, copyright.  Maybe you are looking for the Junior Classic, they are a set of 10 books, each with a different subject matter, the first one is Fairy and Wonder Tales. The other books are Folk Tales and Myths, Heroes and Heroines, Old Fashioned Tales, Stories of Courage and Heroism, Stories that Never Grow Old, and Tales of Greece and Rome. First Published in 1918, and compiled by William Patten, there are many later editions as well. Hope this helps!

A55: Animal stories
Solved:  Rand McNally book Favorite Animal Stories 

A56: Ant and flood
Solved: Henry's Awful Mistake

A57: Anthology, poetry
I'm sorry I don't have the name or author of this book.  What I remember is it is a story-poetry book. One of the featured poems is WYKNEN, BLYKEN, AND NOD.  I remember that the illustrations were softly done.  They were not hard colors, but whispy pastels.  The book was hardback with a cloth tecture.  I believe it was blue in color.  If you can find this book for me you are miracle makers.  I am 63 years old.  My mother read to me from this book when I was very young.  That is why I am thinking it might have been published the year I was born.

Wynken, Blynken and Nod is by Eugene Field. Maybe Lullaby Land a collection of his poems selected by Kenneth Grahame, illustrated by Charles Robinson, published by Scribner 1894, containing Wynken, Blynken and Nod, The shut-eye train, etc. There's also his Poems of Childhood illustrated by Maxfield Parrish, published Scribner 1930s in the Illustrated Classics series, which contains Wynken, Blynken and Nod and
The sugar-plum tree. Neither Robinson or Parrish really did wispy pastels, though.
In the 50s I had a book called something like the Tall Book of Make Believe.  It was tall and narrow, and full of wonderful  stories and poems, one of which was definitely Wynken, Blynken and Nod.  It was illustrated by Garth Williams, and had many wonderful coloured illustrations.  The stories included one about Georgie, a little ghost, and there were also lots of poems including the battle between the gingham dog and the calico cat. Does this ring any bells with the inquirer?
Olive Beaupre Miller (ed.), My Bookhouse.Wynken, Blynken, and Nod appears in one of the earlier volumes of the BOOKHOUSE series.  (12 vols in all, + supplements.)  There are various printings, but the edition I grew up on is, indeed, bound in blue, and "wispy pastels" is a fine description of the illustrative style. It dates from the 30's or 40's.  This is a WONDERFUL set.  EVERYONE should have one.
Is it possible that this is the Bumper Book, edited by Watty Piper and illustrated by Eulalie?? Wynken... is the first item in the book. It is presented over four pages with very large elaborate pictures! I'd say the gorgeous illustrations would have tremendous appeal to a child and would certainly be vividly recalled long afterward. While the cover color does not match your recollections, I thought it might be worth a look! Good Luck.
Just a possibility -- A wonderful poetry book I just came upon with your poem in lovely soft colors, blue and yellow! You might want to check out FOR A CHILD Great Poems Old and New-collected by Wilma McFarland, illustrated by Ninon.Westminster, 1947.Good Luck!
Watty Piper, The Bumper Book, 1950, approximate.  Someone has already suggested The Bumper Book which is my guess if it's an anthology.  I am 59 and loved the book.  It also contained (among others) Christopher Robin, The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat, the days of the week and months with clever pictures, etc.
Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia, 1938.I remember reading Winken Blynken and Nod from a blue textured hardback. It was a collection of children's writings that came with the Arthur Mee's encyclopedia that was sold door to door for many years both in the USA and the British Empire.
edited by Jane Werner, The Big Golden Book of Poetry, 1947, 1949. I was checking out where you may find this book and looked on this site (loganberrybooks) and discovered a list of anthologies. Well, here's the link I found with the children's poetry, including yours of "Wynken Blynken and Nod." This might be what you are looking for.

Loganberry Books Anthology Finder: http://www.loganberrybooks.com/most-anthologies.html

A58: Art, early exposure to
Solved: The Boy Who Could Enter Paintings

A59: Anthology, nursery rhymes
Solved: Dean's Mother Goose Book of Rhymes 

A60: Anthology, fairy tales
Solved: Once Long Ago: Folk and Fairy Tales of the World

A62: Anthology, Tomie de Paola illustrations
Solved: 365 Bedtime Stories 

A63: Anthology, fairy tales
Solved: Once Long Ago: Folk and Fairy Tales of the World

A64: Anthology, HC Anderson.  Looking for translator.
Solved: Stories for the Household

A65: Anthology, goblins and leprechauns
Solved: Lots of Stories

A67: Animals and their dried-up pond
Solved: Little Pond in the Woods

A68: Anthology, Wynken, Blynken and Nod
Solved: Children's Stories selected by the Child Study Association
A70: Albino leopard cub saved by monk

Solved: two books!  White Panther and Black Lightning

A71: Appalachian historical re-enactment
Solved:  Simple Gifts

A73: Aris, Earnest--illustrator
Solved:  Tale of Tiggy Pig 

A74: Astral Projection
Science fiction.  Some children have to battle an enemy and the only way they can reach him is to learn to astral project.  They become a triangle form and travel on the astral plan but learn they must take care for if someone cuts their tail on this plane they will never return to their bodies. This was the first book I ever read that dealt with this subject matter.

A74 astral projection: this sounds something like Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, though I can't place the incident, and would say it isn't one of the first three books. The characters are Nita Callahan, her sister Dairine, and Kit Rodriguez.
I just finished re-reading the Young Wizards series and this doesn't appear to match any incident described within them.  It does sound vaguely reminiscent of the part in A Wrinkle in Time where Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which take the children to a two-dimensional planet where they cannot breathe.
Wibberley, Leonard, Journey to Untor, NY Farrar 1970.  Just guessing here - the synopsis says "Further adventures of four children who can travel to other worlds - this time to a distant planet where enemies are fought with imagination and will power."
Barthe Declements, Double Trouble, 1987.  About twins who use astral projectiom.
Christopher Fahy, Nightflyers or Night flyers or Nightfliers. (1978 ish)  Hi - I think it might be this book. About teenage kids in high school, bullying and central character learns to astral project. A brilliant book that stayed with me for years.