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Jane Werner Watson

                and Fairies, 1951


5.Elves and Fairies,

6.Elves & Fairies, 2008

(1915- )  I'm afraid that I don't know much about Jane Werner Watson, but a great-niece wrote in that she is in her eighties and living in California. Werner wrote and edited many children's books from 1944-1978 (mostly in the '50s) and has published under at least three different variations of her name:  Elsa Jane Werner, Jane Werner, and Jane Werner Watson.  Many of these were for Golden Books, including at least 35 Little Golden Books, and many for Walt Disney Productions.  Some are religious in theme, some silly or comic, and some truly magical. 

Perhaps even more famous than Jane Werner around here is Garth Williams, who illustrated two of the most famous and sought-after Werner titles.  After decades of (expensive) out-of-print status, The Golden Treasury of Elves and Fairies was reprinted in 1999, and quickly went out-of-print again.  But wait!  Random House, which purchased the defunct Golden Press, has brought it back again!   After a two year wait, it's finally here, 9/9/2008, and available for the bargain price of $16.99.  We're filling advanced orders now, but feel free to add your name to the list.  We have plenty. (Scroll down.)  Also back in print is Walt Disney's Grandpa Bunny, and it's as cheap as LGBs always were.  The Tall Book of Make-Believe, alas, remains on the out-of-print list.  For complete contents of both The Tall Book of Make-Believe and The Golden Treasury of Elves and Fairies, see the Anthologies Finder.
**Elves and Fairies is back in print!**


* designates a title still in print
Big Golden Book of Poetry.  Edited by Jane Werner. Illustrated by Gertrude Elliott.  Golden Press, 1949. 
A Catholic Child's Bible: The Old Testament.  (with Charles Hartman.) A Giant Golden Book, illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky.  Simon & Schuster, 1958.
A Catholic Child's Bible: The New Testament. (with Charles Hartman.) Simon & Schuster 1958.
Chatterly Squirrel.  Illustrated by J.P. MIller. Simon & Schuster, 1950. 
A Child's Book of Bible Stories: From the Garden of Eden to the Promised Land.   Illustrated by Masha. Random House, 1944.
Christopher Bunny. Illustrated by Richard Scarry, Simon & Schuster, 1949.

*The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies with assorted Pixies, Mermaids, Brownies, Witches, and Leprechauns. Illustrated by Garth Williams. 
1)  NY: Simon and Schuster, 1951 (originally with green cover)
2)  1950s reprint with cover title The Big Golden Book of Elves and Fairies (most common; white cover)

3)  London: Golden Pleasure Books, 1962, titled The Elves and Fairies Book
4)  copyright renewed by Golden Books Publishing, 1979 
5)  NY: Golden Books, 1999, titled The Golden Books Treasury of Elves and Fairies (blue cover)
*6)  NY: Random House, 2008, titled The
Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies (light blue with orig. cover design) 

A Giant Little Golden Book About Plants and Animals.  Little Golden Book #5017. Illustrated by Ted Chaiko.  Simon And Schuster, 1958. 
A Giant Little Golden Book of Birds.  Little Golden Book  Simon And Schuster, 1958. 
A Golden Storytime Book: Nursery Tales.  Illustrated by Tibor Gergely.  Golden Press, 1965 
The Tall Book of Make-Believe. Illustrated by Garth Williams.Harper & Brothers, 1950.
Walt Disney's Bunny Book.  Illustrated by Walt Disney Studio. Golden Press, 1951, 1972.

Grampa Bunny BunnyGrampa Bunny Bunny

above:  a Big Golden Book version;  the original Little Golden Book;  the 2007 reprint


Tall Book of Make-BelieveABC is for Christmas. Illustrated by Sally Augustiny.  LGB #108*, 1974.
Albert's Zoo. Illustrated by Richard Scarry.  LGB #112, 1951.
Alice in Wonderland Finds the Garden of Live Flowers.  Illustrated by Campbell Grant.  LGB #D20, 1951
Alice in Wonderland Meets the White Rabbit.  Illustrated by Al Dempster.  LGB #D19, 1951.
Animal Dictionary.  Illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky.  LGB #379 and #533, 1960.
Animal Friends.  Illustrated by Garth Williams.  LGB #167 and #560, 1953.
Bible Stories of Boys and Girls.  Illustrated by Rachel Taft Dixon and Marjorie Hartwell.  LGB #174, 1953.
Birds.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkins.  LGB #184, 1973.
The Christmas Manger.  Illustrated by Settie Lerch.  LGB #176, 1953.
*The Christmas Story.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  LGB #158, 1952.
Cinderella's Friends.  Illustrated by Al Dempster.  LGB #D58 adn #D115, 1950.
Dinosaurs.  Illustrated by William De J. Rutherford.  LGB #355, 1959.
First Book of Bible Stories.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  LGB #198, 1954.
First Golden Geography.  Illustrated by William Sayeles.  LGB #534, 1955.
*The Fuzzy Duckling.  Illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen.  LGB #78 and #557, 1949.
Good Morning, Good Night.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  LGB #61, 1948.
*Grandpa Bunny.  Illustrated by Walt Disney Studios.  LGB #D21, 1951.
The Happy Little Whale.  Illustrated by Tibor Gergely.  LGB #393, 1960.
Heroes of the Bible.  Illustrated by Rachel Taft Dixon.  LGB #236, 1955.
Houses.  Illustrated by Tibor Gergely.  LGB #229, 1955.
How to Tell Time.  Illustrated by Eleanor Dart.  LGB #285, 1957.
Little Golden Book of Hymns.  Illustrated by Corinne Malvern.  LGB #392, 1947.  Republished with illustrations by Frances Score Mitchell, LGB #211-57, 1985.
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  Illustrated by Richmond I. Kelsey and Don Griffith.  LGB #D23, 1952.
The Marvelous Merry-Go-Round.  Illustrated by J.P. Miller.  LGB #87, 1949.
Mickey Mouse's Picnic.  Illustrated by Walt Disney's Studios.  LGB #D15, 1950.
Mickey Mouse and His Space Ship.  Illustrated by Milton Banta and John Ushler.  LGB #D29, 1952.
Mr. Noah and His Family.  Illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen.  LGB #49, 1948.
My First Golden Library Learning Library:  The Book of A, The Book of B, etc. (16 volume set)  Illustrated by William Dugan.  Golden Press, 1965.
*My Little Golden Book About God.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  LGB #268, 1956.
The Night Before Christmas.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  LGB #241, 1955.
Pets for Peter  Illustrated by Aurelius Battaglia.  LGB #82, 1950.
Smokey the Bear.  Illustrated by Richard Scarry.  LGB #224 and #481, 1955.
(from Grimm) The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  Illustrated by Sheilah Becket.  LGB #194, 1954.
Whales.  Illustrated by Rod Ruth.  LGB #171*, 1978.
Where Jesus Lived.  Illustrated by Ronald Le Hew.  LGB #147*, 1977.
Wonders of Nature.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  LGB #293, 1957.
Uncle Mistletoe.  Illustrated by Corinne Malvern.  LGB #175, 1953.
The Very Best Home for Me!  (formerly Animal Friends) Illustrated by Garth Williams.  LGB #204-25, 1953.
Now Available for Sale

Used Books

The Book of PQ.  Pictures by William Dugan. Golden Press, 1965. Previous owner's inscription on inside front cover. VG. $10.00

The Second Book of S.  Pictures by William Dugan. Golden Press, 1965. First edition. Previous owner's inscription on inside front cover. $7.50

The Book of TUV.  Pictures by William Dugan.  Golden Press, 1965. First edition. Previous owner's inscription on inside front cover. VG. $9.50

Chatterly Squirrel and Other Animal Stories.  Illustrated by J.P. MIller.  Simon & Schuster, 1950.  A Golden Story Book #13 (5" x 7", 126 pages).  Corners bumped, otherwise very clean and VG.  $20.00

Christopher Bunny and Other Animal Stories. Illustrated by Richard Scarry. Simon & Schuster, 1949.  A Golden Story Book #3 (5" x 7", 126 pages).  Corners bumped, crayon marks on front endpapers, otherwise VG.  $15.00

The Fuzzy Duckling.  By Jane Werner. Pictures by Alice and Martin Provensen.  Golden Press, 1949. Ninth printing, 1972.  Slight wear to top and bottom of spine. VG. <SOLD>

How to Tell Time. Pictures by Eleanor Dart. Simon and Schuster, 1957. Hands from interactive clock missing, but otherwise good. Both covers have some wear, but pages clean. G. <SOLD>

Little Golden Book of Hymns. Collected by Elsa Jane Werner. Illustrated by Corinne Malvern. Golden Press, 1947. Twelfth Printing, 1976. Previous owner's inscription inside front cover. Cover faded and worn. Pages clear and bright. One page marked with 'X' in crayon. Pencil scribblings on back cover. G. $4.00

Little Golden Book of Hymns.  Collected by Elsa Jane Werner and E.D. Ebsun. Illustrated by Frances Score Mitchell. Western Publishing Company, 1985.  As new, $2.50

The Marvelous Merry-Go-Round.  By Jane Werner. Pictures by J.P. Miller.  Simon and Schuster, 1950. Covers show minor wear. Pages clean. Previous owner's inscription on inside front cover. <SOLD>

Smokey the Bear.  Illustrated by Richard Scarry.  NY: Golden Press, 1955.  Tenth printing, 1968. Previous owner's inscription. Crayon marks on inside back cover. G. $8.00



New Books

The Christmas Story.  LGB #158, 1952. Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Reprinted by Random House, 1999. New hardcover, $2.99

Cinderella. Illustrated by Retta Scott. LGB #103, 1950. Reprinted by Random House, 2002. New hardcover, $2.99

The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies.  NY: Random House, 2008.  New hardcover, $16.99

The Lion's Paw. Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren. LGB #397, 1959. Reprinted by Random House, 2000. New hardcover, $2.99

My Big Little Golden Book About God.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.  Golden Books, 1984. Reprinted by Random House, 2006. New hardcover, $8.99

My Little Book About God.  Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. Golden Press, 1956. Reprinted by Random Houe, 1998. New hardcover, $4.99

My Little Golden Book About God. Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. LGB #268, 1956. Reprinted by Random House, 1993. New hardcover, $3.99

The Story of Jesus.  Illustrated by Jerry Smath. Reprinted by Random Houe, 2007. New hardcover, $3.99

Walt Disney's Grandpa Bunny.    LGB #D21, 1951.  Reprinted by Random House, January 2007.  New, $3.99


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Out-of-print books are harder to stock than new books, and some are hard to find, period.  If the title you are seeking is not listed for sale above, that probably means that I am currently out of stock.  However, I am always on the lookout for books, and will gladly quote you when I do find your coveted book. To add your name to my Wants Files, simply fill out a Book Request Form and I will e-mail you when I have a copy in stock.  Thanks.

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Comments about Tall Book of Make-Believe

I'm searching for a book from my childhood, late 1950's-early 1960's. The title may have been  either, Tall Tales or Tall Stories for Children. It was about 15" long (hence the "Tall" in the title).  Two of the stories were "Bad Mousie" and "The Very Mischief".Also, I recall a poem "One Day When I Went Walking". Any help would be very much appreciated.  I'd just about given up hope. Yes, I'm interested in the copy you've found. Thank you, again.

I am pleased as punch! I have been looking for the story "Bad Mousie" for years- it was read to me as a child and the book was taken, my mother can also not locate it. I want my childrem to have a copy of this book- Can you get one? I am not worried about the condition as long as it is not trashed completly. It is very important to me. Thank you.

This was one of my favorite books as a child, and a few years ago I was able to buy a copy, only to have it destroyed when my apartment burned down. Is it possible that you might be able to unearth another copy? A former resident of the Buskeye State would be most appreciative!

PS I found the most asked for books fascinating -- & yes, at least one particular favorite of mine was there (Tall Book of Make-Believe; I still have my copy, prized for "The Very Mischief").

I have a reel to reel tape (and nothing to play it on) from the late sixties,  when I was a first year teacher, of some of the stories from, I think, THE TALL BOOK OF MAKE BELIEVE.  My favorite story was about a visiting boy or girl who discovered a family of bears living behind the bedroom door in her relative's house.  The bears left her notes.  I think she learned not to be afraid of the dark.  Was this from that book? Also, I remember having other "tall" books, which I do not see in libraries or bookstores now (maybe Mother Goose?).  As I remember, they were THE TALL BOOK OF MOTHER GOOSE,  THE TALL BOOK OF NURSERY RHYMES and THE TALL BOOK OF FAIRY TALES.  Were these a set?  Who are the authors? And are they still readily available?  I must find a "make believe" so I'll have the book to go with the tape once I find it and figure out how to play it.   Your website is like a visit to our childhoods--especially those of us who read voraciously in the 50's.  Thank you!

I was searching for this book on the net & found your wonderful site! My sister & I have been searching for this book  we had it as children and have such fond memories of the poems & stories. Stories like Mr. Nobody, and the one about the kids who got into mischief when the parents were away  taking apart the phonograph, & clock, & putting them back together with honey. I gasped when I saw the photo of the cover on the 'most requested' page! Garth Williams' illustrations are wonderful. Thanks!

I have been looking for this book for a long time.  It probably was printed in the late 40s or early 50s.  It was probably a Little Golden Book, or something like that.  It is the story of a little girl who has a pet mouse that is constantly making messes and getting in touble.

This is Martha Dudley, Bad Mousie, first published as Bad Mousie: Donica's Story by Children's Press (chicago) in 1947, reprinted as Bad Mousie in 1966.  NB: isn't this in the Tall Book of Make-Believe?
I would like to add a comment to the question about "Bad Mousie," the story about Donnica and her mischievous pet mouse.  It does appear in The Tall Book of Make Believe.

Hi - I am not too optimistic about finding this... it was only recently that I finally discovered the name and author of my favorite childhood book... I figure I would give a try anyway.

It had winkin blinkin nod I think was the last story in it.One story was about a little girl who at some point gets pulled under the door ,so that makes her flat ,but shes ok,green forest looking book, TALL TALES written in limb's (wood) 12 in. tall and 4 in wide, hard cover,I been looking for this book,for years with no luck, thanks

a Garth Williams Treasure of Best Loved Golden Books
as a kind-of substitute to THE TALL BOOK OF MAKEBELIEVE!!!!!!! discovered it online one day, very cute, tho just not as FABULOUS as Tall Book...... hopefully Harper Collins will RE PUBLISH TALL BOOK!!!!!!!!  ciao!annie   (thought it could be posted to your site in case anyone is looking for garth goodies......... Tall Book of Make Believe is SO CHERISHED and loved by EVERYONE who had it in childhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ohhh, what wonderful memories this book has for me!  I still have my copy and  it will be my favorite children's book of all time.  I so wish they would reprint it.  The publisher would make a fortune!  My copy is priceless but I just found out they are going for around $200.00.  I remember the day my mother bought it for me.  I was about 4 or 5 (I am 51 now) and we went into this quaint little bookstore for children.  She said I could pick out any book I wanted and that was the one.  I read it so many times I couldn't count and also read it to my children when they were young.  It was their favorite as well. 

Tall Book of Make Believe. This is a book that has so clearly not only stayed but helped form the imaginations of everyone who read it in childhood. Stories, word, phrases continue to pop into my mind ever so many years later.  There is very little else I have ever seen in this world that speaks to my soul with purer delight. My copy is just about ready to fall apart.  Oh what I wouldn'\''t give for a new copy, even without my Godfather's inscription on the inside cover. If ever a childrens book deserves to be republished, it is this one.

Garth Williams'
                  illustration from Elves and Fairies

Comments about Elves and Fairies

I'm looking for a book called The Giant Golden Book of Elves & Fairies, by Jane Werner. It's illustrated by Garth Williams. I know the 5th edition at least was published by Simon & Schuster in 1951. Any chance you have it or know where I can find it? I grew up with this book and when I got older I found out it had been my Aunt's book when she was a child and she took it back!

This collection of stories and poems was very near and dear to my heart with exquisitie illustrations by Garth Williams. Please let me know if you can locate a copy for me.

And then there was the horror story of a customer who remembered taking the book out of the library every week and was told that the book had been recalled and was going out of circulation. Her mother tried to buy the book from the library, but the librarian grabbed it out of the child's hands and said she would burn it first. Horrors!

I fear I have bit off more than I can chew . . . it seems that the book my wife wants me to locate 2 of is none other than: The Big Golden Book of Elves and Fairies. One for a present and the other to replace our current copy which has a very battered cover (but otherwise is pristine). Judging from your web page I might as well join De Leon is rummaging around Florida for the fountain of youth...... Seriously, how tough (and expensive) is it to find this thing (non-binding quote, of course- I'm just interested in an order of magnitude estimate of what I'm in for since I'm your basic blue collar daddy of a three year old).

This is the Giant Book of Elves and Fairies with illustrations by Garth Williams.  Maybe a Giant Golden Book?  It's a beautiful book, full of wonderful stories and poems.  I treasure my copy of it.  One of the stories concerns a little boy who is a champion marble-player.  I think he finds a  fairy's dress in the garden.  He winds up with all his marbles changed into precious stones.

I feel like this is a l-o-n-g shot, but I remember a book when I was a little girl(in the 50's)...have no idea the name, that had all these tiny (fairy-like?) people trying to get a giant shoe/boot out of the mud in a forest?????

You've just made my day! I'm so happy to be able to have it at a lower price. I did end up buying one at a very high price but my Aunt really wanted a copy and so was continuing to look for her. I will be sending you a check for two, one for her and one for my kids (they aren't touching the old one!!). Thank you again!!!!!

Thank you...thank you...thank you. Like all of your customers, I have been looking for this book for what seems a lifetime. I had it when I was a child and can recite "The Fairies" by William Allingham by heart. The book was stolen when I brought it to school one day for show and tell. I've been searching ever since. I can't thank you enough for making a dream come true. I'm a kinda new grandmother with a 1 year old grandson that of course is the light of my life. I want him to know of things other than mutant turtles, slime creatures and foul mouthed mice. Being of Irish descent, my grandparents and mother raised me on stories of the "wee folk" and fairies. I've told my daughter of this book forever and now at the old age of 26 she's going to be able to see and read it and I can read it to my baby Daniel. Thank you again, my heart is singing.

When I was in junior high (in the last millenium), I read 2 books that were wonderful.  Unfortunately, they were sold or thrown away before the old building was torn down.  Since I lived out of town at that time, I was unaware that I could have gotten these books.  I would love to just read them one more time....   There was also a fairy book that I loved.  I don't remember the name.  All I remember is the one story in which a poor little boy helped an elf or fairy.  When he got home, he found that the marbles in his bag were actually fairy jewels.  The illustrations were gorgeous.  I have looked in several libraries, but have never found these again. Good mystery solving.

I wonder if this person isn't remembering the Giant Book of Elves and Fairies. There is a story in that book which concerns a beautiful girl (I think a shoemakers daughter) and a prince.  There is a picture in which fairies are trying to pull the prince up out of the mud when he has fallen, injured.  And shoes enter into it because the young woman has lovely silver slippers that have been enchanted by the fairies and that she has to cover up with wooden clogs.  She falls in love with the prince and goes to work in the court and trips while serving food and loses her clog and the prince recognizes her by her silver slippers.  I realize that this is a long shot, but when I read the sketchy description, this is what popped into my head.

My recent exciting book (re-)discovery was finding the Golden Book Treasury of Elves and Fairies, illustrated by Garth Williams, recently as a newly reprinted book, and that was a happy ending to a quest I've been on for the last couple of years, first, what the title was, and second, who the illustrator was.  My sister and I used to check it out at the city library every time it was available when we were young girls (in the 1960's), and every now and then I'd grill her, "do you remember that book we used to get that had the stories about fairies, etc."

I just listed this book on e-bay without knowing how rare and popular it is.  I am amazed by the comments on your site.  After seeing the price rise, I started searching for why.  It is an obviously beloved book by many.  Good luck!

Jane Werner Watson is my mother's first cousin.  She is in her eighties now and lives in California.  In the 1950's she sent my sisters and me many of her books for Christmas.  I  am so glad to find a source for her  books again, as nearly everything we had has disappeared.  I still have a beat-up old Elves & Fairies which was one of my great favorites as a child.

My sister and I grew up loving this book, and as she is older, she has the 1 copy. Please print it again! I cannot completely communicate the wonder the stories and illustrations have provided for so many years, and I would love a copy to hand down to my daughter...the 400+ dollar versions are not in my range- re-issued is just fine! Yes, I would like a copy.

how-how-HOW do I get a copy of this fabulous book?  My older sis (48 now!) is the owner of the only copy we have and she is keeping it!  I am requesting a copy if you have it or know of where I can find it--this book is tied in with almost all my happy childhood memories and is a Keepsake of the highest order!  Many thanks!

I see other people are looking for this, but I'll give it a try as well. I just took my five-year-old niece to visit a friend who had it on her shelf of old children's books. My niece was captivated while we took turns reading it to her from cover to cover, and then almost had to be forcibly torn away from it when it came time to go home. I'd love to get her a copy if anybody knows where.

The main character is a little girl living in a mountainous northern country which is inhabitted by trolls. Her grandfather makes a pair of silver slippers to wear inside her wooden shoes. The story is in an anothology including stories about a pink bear working in a canning factory and a story of a boy who caught a Brownie and ransomed him for a bag of perfect marbles.
selected by Jane Werner, The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies.  I'm sure lots of people remember this one! Singeli was my favorite story.  Is the reprint still in print, or has it gone out again?
alas, it's been "temporarily out of stock" for months, which really means that it's gone out of print again...
Jane Werner Watson, Editor Garth Williams, Illustrator, The Golden Books Treasury of Elves and Fairies. 1999, reprint.  The story about the little girl with the silver slippers, along with the one about the flying bear, is in this 1951 anthology that was recently reissued.

Watson, Jane Werner & Williams, Garth, Giant Golden Book of Elves & Fairies. Like so many people, I lent my copy to a friend back in the 1960s and never saw it again. The stories and illustrations have haunted me all my life, so when my son, an artist, painted the face of a prince that seemed to me to be inspired by the illustration of the prince and his horse being dragged down, I was astonished. My son had never seen the book, which I had 'lost' several years before he was born. I am now particularly keen to find a copy of that illustration, to see whether my mind is playing tricks on me! Also, I was devastated recently when I found the book had been reprinted, and I didn't realise! I sincerely hope Random House do decide to reprint soon  if anyone gets an inkling that this is likely to happen, please let me know. Oh, and thanks for the great site!

I’m trying to find a collection of bedtime stories that my mother read to me.  I have a part of the book and would like to know the title so that I might be able to find and purchase the book for my Grandchildren. Some of the titles of the stories include: The Lost Merbaby by Margaret & Mary Baker; The Brownie in the Garden by Elsa Ruth Nast; The Pixie’s Scarf by Alison Uttley; The Cannery Bear by Ray St. Clair; The Room Beneath the Tree by James Stephens; Where Hidden Treasure Lies by Sheila O’Neill.   Some of the Poems include: Song for a Summer Evening by Mildred Bowers Armstrong; Little People’s Market by Dorothy Brown Thompson; A Goblinade by Florence Page Jaques; The Second-Hand Shop by Rowena Bennett; Pipes and Drums by Lilian Holmes; The Fairies by William Allingham; The Little House by Elizabeth Godley; Ring-a-ring o'Fairies by Madelaine Nightingale.
Jane Werner (ed), Garth Williams (illus), The Golden Books Treasury of Elves and Fairies
, 1951, 1979, copyright.  Definitely this one! Contains all the stories/poems mentioned, plus more. While original copies (and even the 1979 and 1999 reprints) are scarce and quite expensive, the book is due to be re-issued on September 9th of this year. If you can wait 'til then, you should be able to pick up a new copy, at a reasonable price.

Comments about Grandpa Bunny

This was a favorite book of mine in the 50s and of my children in the 70s.  Now my daughter would like to share it with her children but none of us can find the book.  I would be willing to pay whatever necessary but I am not sure it makes your $15. criteria.

I am looking for a children's book called (I think) Grandpa Bunny Bunny, it is a story explaining death to young children.  I belive it was a golden book published sometime in the 50's, upon Grandpa Bunny Bunny's death he is out painting the sky that is why we have such wonderful sunsets.  I don't know the author.

Nice site.  I found it through a search with Dogpile.com, for keyword "Grandpa Bunny."  When I got here, I couldn't find any reference to the book, but decided to ask for a search.  The first day I learned how to use eBay, the book showed up there, but three day later I wa outbid for it.

There may be a version with a different title.  Printed originally in the 1950's.

I am looking for what I believe is a Golden Book (with the foil edging) that was called Grandpa Bunny in the 1950's.  It may have a different name in subsequent printings.  Anyway, the story ended with Grandpa Bunny dying and turning into a rainbow.  My mom is looking for this as she and Dad, now grandparents 5 times over and in their 80's, look at the message somewhat differently now than when I was a kid.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  My siblings and I have been looking for over two years. 

My mom-in-law is looking for a decent copy of this book and will pay up to 15.00.

E7 Hi, I'm looking for a copy of a book that I loved as a child, but I don't remember the title or author.  It is an Easter book about a village of bunnies who paint easter eggs, flowers, leaves, and shadows of trees.  They are led by a very old grandfather bunny who is approaching death.  At the very end it shows his last painting--that of a sunset.  It had to have been published in or before the late 1970s.  Can you help me?
E7 is almost certainly Golden Book number D111, titled Walt Disney's Bunny Book, "told by Jane Werner".  A family of bunnies paints Easter eggs, as well as Spring flowers, Autumn leaves, the shadows of trees on snow etc.  The last scene is of a sunset painted by Great Grandpa Bunny Bunny (the bunny so nice they named him twice?)
My family had the bunny book, too.  It was a little Golden Book and it was called Grandpa Bunny.  The cover had grandpa bunny, smoking a pipe, talking to some little forest animals holding paintbrushes a la the deck of cards in Alice painting rose bushes.
E7 DEFINITELY is a  Golden Book. I had the same one when I was little and remember Great Grandpa Bunny Bunny
Both E7 and E8 sound like they could be referring to The Country Bunny and the Golden Shoes.  In it, a wise old grandfather bunny recruits a bunny to join the team of Easter Bunnies that delivers beautifully painted eggs all over the world in one night (they need a team because it would be too much for one bunny).  The Country Bunny is a mother with numerous little bunnies, but she outruns and outjumps the bigger, faster and more arrogant bunnies and is chosen by the wise old grandfather bunny.  At the end of the Easter night, she is given the task of carrying a singularly beautiful egg to a small boy who lives on a mountain top and is very ill.  Try as she might, she cannot climb the mountain (she even injures her leg on the ice) until the grandfather bunny gives her golden shoes that allow her to bound up the mountain in a handful of leaps.  I think there is a very lovely illustration of the sunrise that comes up just as she leaves the egg with the little boy.
Just the publication info for the 2 Disney books: Jane Werner Walt Disney's Bunny Book Racine,Western 1951, glossy Pictorial Cover, Folio - over 12" - 15" tall, Walt Disney Studio, Big Golden Book  Jane Werner Walt Disney's Grandpa Bunny NY Simon & Schuster 1951, 6.5X8 pict bds, unpag, Little Golden Book #D21, Walt Disney Studio.
Guess what?  It's the same book, albeit in a different format.

E8  This children's book was very colorfully illustrated and its main characters were rabbits busily painting Easter eggs for Easter. I don't remember the plot,  except that there was some hurry to everything. The illustrations were gorgeous, though it wasn't a big picture book; I believe at one point Jack Frost comes around and paints leaves with frost. It sounds very similar to the stumper listed as E7, but as I was probably 5 or 6 when I read it, it was likely published in the 1960s. (I do remember a lovely picture at the end, which may have been a sunset as E7 remembers.)
Regarding E8, I wanted to mention that the bunnies in E7 also painted frost in the winter; and they painted the leaves with autumn colors in the fall.  They even dressed up nature by embellishing mushrooms, and flowers, and making everything more colorful in spring.  Perhaps it is the same book being sought in E8, although I don't remember where Jack Frost is in there or not.
Maybe it's Geraldine Ross' Stop It, Moppit! from 1964, about a clumsy Easter Bunny who always causes a mess of one kind or another just before Easter, thus making every rabbit hurry.
I was out last week from my office and just got back to see your message. Yes, this sort of helps and sort of doesn't--not only does that suggested title not ring a bell at all for me, but I think the hurry that both I and E7 allude to is because someone (the Easter bunny?) dies at the end, so all this stuff has to be done before that happens. I certainly don't remember mischief being a part of it, but maybe I'm being morbid (!).  I'll order this other if you've got it--it's worth a try.

It was a pink book about easter.  There was a grandfather bunny that was in charge of painting the easter eggs, and two little bunnies, I believe a boy and girl.  The grandfather dies (goes off into the sunset) at the end and paints a beautiful sunset in the colors of easter.  It is beautifully illustrated. The grandfather bunny is dressed formally with a vest and cane and such.  Please help!

I was wondering if you could help find a certain Little Golden Book my mom  had when she was a little kid.  It is called "Great Grandpa Bunny".  We have  wanted this book for a long time, but am not exactly sure  where to get it.   Can you help us?

I cant believe how many people the book Great Grandpa Bunny Bunny touched. I remember my grandmoter reading this to me all the time when i was a child in the 70's. She still has the copy, but I would like one of my own. I know that Walt Disney Bunny Book is NOT exactly the same,and its used, but non the less it will be enjoyed! I hope that it is STILL available and not sold yet.

Walt Disney’s Grandpa Bunny or Walt Disney’s Bunny Book:  I think this may be the same one as the Solved Mystery: Grandpa Bunny Bunny.  There is one winter scene in particular that shows the little bunnies painting shadows on the snow.  Since this is so often requested, maybe you would be interested in the several versions I own or have seen. 
1.  Little Golden Book – Walt Disney’s Grandpa Bunny, #D21, @ 1951, 28 pages, pink cover 
2.  Little Golden Book – Walt Disney’s Bunny Book, #D111, @ 1964, 24 pages, red cover 
3.  Little Golden Book – Walt Disney’s Bunny Book (Australian version), #D98, @ 1972, 24 pages, red cover 
4.  Walt Disney’s Story Land – 55 favorite stories adapted from Walt Disney films (ISBN 0-307-16547-7).  It includes the story “Grandpa Bunny”, but only 4 illustrations. 
5.  Walt Disney’s Fantasyland 1 of a 4 volume set of the Wonderful Worlds of Walt Disney.  It includes the story “Grandpa Bunny”, illustrations reformatted and some left out.  Have any of the folks who have looked for the story mentioned seeing the motion picture “Funny Little Bunnies” that the pictures were adapted from?  That must have been fantastic!

Thank you so much for finding the name of the book I have looked for - Walt Disney Bunny Book.  The picture of the cover brought back a flood of wonderful memories.  It is not available now but I will be looking for it in the future. Thank you again.

The Bunny Book.  My Mother used to read this wonderful book to me as a small child, no older than 4, around 1957, before I understood anything at all about death.  Often I wondered what happened to it, as the beautiful illustrations stuck in my mind.  Around spring of 1976, I happened to find the last several pages of it (from the autumn part to the end) in our old summer home in Florida. One day in 2000, I happened to be at a flea market where they had many old books and out of the blue I asked the woman about this particular book and she knew exactly what I meant.  She found one copy of "The Bunny Book", c. 1951, in mint condition (with the foil binding still shining) and gave it to me for $6.  She told me it wasn't the original edition, but the third publishing, and that the way to find this out was to look closely at the corner, near the bottom on the last page, close to the binding, and there would be a letter corresponding to the edition.  You have to pull the binding ever so slightly to see it, but printed there you will find a capital letter (A,B,C, etc) which will tell you how far from the original publishing it was printed.  The one I got from her had the letter "C" there, which meant it was the third printing in that particular year (1951).  When I got home, I checked the last page of the book I found in Florida, and to my delight, it had the letter "A" printed there, which meant it was one of the first editions of this particular Little Golden Book. Comparing the two, I noticed some difference in the versions (the latter having a slightly different wording from the original, and the illustration  on the page about painting the autumn leaves was slightly different from the original (which I thought was better).
At any rate, the thought of this little book and its message has comforted me in many times of grief throughout my life, and I sincerely hope Ms. Werner knows that her simple story has left an indelible imprint on the lives of many people, and  helped us understand the nature of our existence.  I only wish I could thank her personally.
If anyone could tell me how to, I would.

Let me weigh in with the Bunny Book ... My mom read it to me (in the early 50's) and I wore the darn thing out because I was eagerly turning the wonderfully colored pages of eggs and landscapes. My kids also read and were read to from this book and we've since lost it.  I do recall that there was a dazzling, vivid sunset (or was it a rise) which the parent bunnies explained to the baby bunnies as Grandpa Bunny Bunny's final work of art.  Our kids were helped to learn about the finality of all life through this edition.  So is it still available?  I'd be interested in purchase if it's the same story I enjoyed.

More Comments about Elves and Fairies

Thank you for the information! It amazes me that they'd cut short publishing such an apparently popular book. My jaw just about dropped when I read that the 1999 edition was going for $199.00 on the Amazon listing.  You have a lovely sight!

Jane Werner Watson is my mother's first cousin.  She is in her eighties now and lives in California.  In the 1950's she sent my sisters and me many of her books for Christmas.  I  am so glad to find a source for her  books again, as nearly everything we had has  disappeared.  I still have a beat-up old Elves & Fairies which was one of my great favorites as a child. 

I have a book by Jane Werner that I don't see on your list. It is Christopher Bunny, illustrated by Richard Scarry, Simon & Schuster, 1949. I  was looking for a value for the book. Perhaps it should be added to your list.

Help! You are my last hope..like so many other people here.  I had a book of stories and poems that I had between 1950 to 1960 or so, it was a large flat book witha shiny cover with pictures on it, I don't remember what they were, but the inside of the cover and front page had  a picture of fairies playing in the forsest. I do remember that the book had a particular story about a bear that is granted a wish  and ends up working in a salmon cannery, this had an illustration of a bear wearing overalls and shoes that pinched his feet and I also remember he had a radar antena on?  There was a story about a fisherman and his wife who adopt a mermaid baby, another about a leprechaun and a pot of gold, and one about a shoemaker.  It also had some poem about fairies come out to play when theres a ring around the moon? I have found many fairy tale books but not with these stories.  It may have been illustrated by Garth Williams though I am not positive of this.  I am hoping for some kind of help, and it seems that everyone who leaves an inquiry usually gets some help!
Jane Werner Watson, Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies (now reprinted as The Golden Books Treasury of E & F), 1951, 1999.  Isn't that a wonderful book?  You'll get lots of answers on this  it's on the "Most Requested" list, but I don't know whether or not it's actually still in print.  (And yes, it was illustrated by Garth Williams.)

The cover and title page were torn off by visiting children)of younger  siblings)who did not know to respect books.  I did not discover the damage until years later when reclaiming the book.  Sadly I don't remember the author, publisher or title. What I have is information about the book and its remains.  The book was most likely published before the 1950's (when I read it).  Also the following authors were featured:  Dorothy Brown Thompson, Mildred Bowers Armstrong, Florence Page Jaques, Elsa Ruth Nast, Rowena Bennett, Lillian Holmes, Alison Uttley, William Allingham, Ray St. Clair, Jane Werner, Marjorie Barrows, Margaret and Mary Baker, Elizabeth Godley, James Stevens, Sheila O'Neill, and Madelaine Nightingale. The illustrations were/are wonderful and all about pixies and fairies.

Jane Werner, Giant Book of Elves and Fairies. This book was a gift from my grandmother to my older brother in the late 50's an has been a treasured part of our library at our cabin. I can't tell you the hours we spent as kids reading an looking at the wonderful illustrations by Garth Williams. I am in my 50's and have raised countless friends childrens on these magical stories. In fact, many of these 'kids' have children of their own and have expressed interest in finding copies of this incredible book. When it comes back in print I would love to purchase several copies as gifts.

The Big Golden Book of Elves and Fairies.  I also grew up with this book. It's funny as I read the comments of others and look at the cover illustrations, I get teary eyed. I Loved this book as a child and would like to find a copy. If anyone knows where I can find one please let me know. Also looking for The Boys and Girls Bookshelf Vol II, Elves and Fairies, Pub. The University Society. Will buy individual vol. II or complete set.

I am anxiously waiting for when Elves & Fairies will be republished - because my 3 next door neighbor kids (9, 5 & 3 years old) ADORE my old, falling apart 1950s book.  They always go to the bookshelf and pull it out, sit down and turn the pages in silent rapture with those pictures!  I would dearly LOVE to give them their own new book that won't fall apart.

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