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Evelyn Scott

original 1973 edition

2005 reprint edition

I have painstakingly tried to find some biographical information about Evelyn Scott, the author of The Fourteen Bears.  I wondered if she might be the same Evelyn Scott who was born in Tennessee in 1893 and wrote many acclaimed psychological novels of the 1920s and 1930s.  Several websites and library databases have indicated that she is the same.  But the scholars and descendents have firmly corrected me: she is not the same.  So the mystery remains: who was this Evelyn Scott who won so many hearts with a family of bears?  If you know, send me a line.

This Giant Golden Book tells the story of a large bear family with full color illustrations by Virginia Parsons, featuring Daddy Bear, Mother Bear, Veronica, Virginia, Johanna, Ramona, Emma, Anna, Gloria, Hannah, Henrietta, Flora, Dora and Little Theodore.  Out of print for 30 years, it became hard to find, very loved, and highly sought after. And then, finally.... The Fourteen Bears, Summer and Winter was reprinted by Random House in May 2005!  The new reissue is a little smaller in size (8x10) and with a dust jacket (the original didn't have one).  Alas, by October 2008, this title was already out-of-print and again hard to find...

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The Fourteen Bears, Summer and Winter. Illustrated by Virginia Parsons.  A Golden Book. Racine: Golden Press, 1969, 1973.  Reprinted by Random House, 2005.
The Story of Fourteen Bears.  Illustrated by Virginia Parsons.  Golden Press, 1969. 


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Scott, Evelyn. The Fourteen Bears, Summer and Winter.  Illustrated by Virginia Parsons.  A [Big] Golden Book. Racine: Golden Press, 1969, 1973.  Third printing, 1975.  The original book, in amazing and pristine condition.  VG, <SOLD>

Hall, Bill.  Whatever Happens to Bear Cubs?  Illustrated by Virginia Parsons.  NY: Golden Press, 1968.  A Big Golden Book. Worn at top and bottom of spine, otherwise VG.  $17

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Out-of-print books are harder to stock than new books, and some are hard to find, period.  If the title you are seeking is not listed for sale above, that probably means that I am currently out of stock.  However, I am always on the lookout for books, and will gladly quote you when I do find your coveted book. To add your name to my Wants Files, simply fill out a Book Request Form and I will e-mail you when I have a copy in stock.  Thanks.

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I am looking for a children's book about 12 bears.  One is named Hannah.  It was published at least 22 years ago.  that is all I know.  Thanks.

My oldest daughter will be 24 on April 22.  The ONLY thing that she wants is this book!

I remember the story is about 13 girl bears, each of whom has a tree that is decorated differently from the others.  The smallest bear is a boy and still lives with the Mother and Father bears in their tree.

I am studying the art of crafting childrens literature. This beautifully illustrate, ever-engaging story remains my primary inspiration.  However, I no longer have the book anymore - only vague memories from childhood linger. I long to see the illustrations and see Evelyn Scott's mastery of her craft with my own eyes!

I cannot afford to pay "collectible" price on this.  I enjoyed the book as a young girl and wanted my kids to see it.  My youngest is now 8, and I'm afraid if we don't share the book soon, she will be too old to appreciate it the way I did.

i'd so appreciate it if you'd add me to your list for this lovely book. thank you..maybe someday i will get it.. thank you

I received the book yesterday.  It looks great.  Thank you for finding it for me.  I am sure my girlfriend will be surprised to get it for Christmas.

What do you know about Evelyn Scott's Fourteen Bears: Summer and Winter? I long for a copy!

I have been searching for this book for years... if you can find it, I will be in heaven!

This was my FAVORITE book as a little girl.  I checked it out from the library over and over, and I remember pouring over the pictures.  Unfortunately, another little girl in our small town must have checked it out even more often than I, because when the library disgarded the book, they saved it for her.  While I'm happy for her (really!), I'd love a copy of my own.

Thanks so much!  I can't believe I found your sight.  My sister and I have been wracking our brains trying to remember the name of this book that we read when we were little girls.

This book was my youngest daughter's FAVORITE!!! We must have borrowed this one from our library at least once a month for about three years. I never got tired of reading it with her.  I promised her if I could ever  find a copy that I could afford, I'd get it for her.

I would love to have a copy in good condition. I have a copy that the binding has come apart. Little did I know, till I went searching, that this book would be so difficult to find. I have tried to piece mine back together, though I would love to have a copy in better condition. Thanks for the help.

î know that it is not unusual to love this book, i read the other comments.  but i am 25 and i am going to have a baby soon.  this was my favorite book and i would love my child to know it too.  i know i am very lucky to remember quite a bit about it...i was touched to see just the cover on this website.  the library in my hometown frequently lent the book to me and i have been looking for a copy of my own for years.  i saw a copy for sale priced around 3 hundred dollars.... i am not comfortable letting a baby play with a book at this price.  please notify me when it finally becomes available in reprint.

I had this book as a child, but my mother (not realizing it was my favorite) gave it away with many other books.  I have been trying to find a copy of this book since my 11-year old daughter was born.  I live 1/2 hour from Racine (where Golden Books is based) and they do not have any copies of the book either.  Their best recommendation was to pay collector prices, but I cannot afford that.  I would like to implore Golden Books to release the rights to this book and allow past, present and future generations to enjoy this captivating book.

I have a copy of this book, I am one of the lucky. This was my favorite as a child, and it actually belonged to my brother! Lucky for me, he's ok with me keeping it, since I'm the children's book collector (I have HUNDREDS...I don't even know what all I have!) Recently I was a nanny to a little girl who insisted on me reading her this book over and over and over and I re-memorized all the bear names and fell in love with the book all over again. Imagine my surprise when I went looking for this book to buy the little girl a copy of her own! I haven't seen it sold for less than $300, and I've seen it for as much as $1000!! I can only imagine how much mine is worth, since its in pretty good shape. But there's NO WAY I would EVER part with it! Even if it wasn't worth so much! I have a little girl of my own now, and she adores reading books...though this one is a little long for her still (she's only 17months)...I imagine it will become one of her favorites in time as well. The diversity of all the bear characters was always what intrigued me the most about this book, and I'm sure its what most children find so captivating about it. I sincerely hope that Golden Books decides to reprint this someday...its just not right that so many children are missing out on it.

this was my favorite book as a child. I would love to share it with my daughter but can't find it. I'd love to be able to purchase a copy.

Help! Is there anything we can do to get this book back in print? It was my favorite!!I would love to share it with my niece but unfortunately I cannot locate my copy.

My younger sister and I have had many discussions through the years about this book and how much we enjoyed it. The copy we had was taken by our older sister to her elementary school class to read to her students in the 1980's and never made it back to us (you can tell we've not quite forgiven her for that one yet). We never even knew that the Summer and Winter version existed until we started looking to replace our book a few years ago. She's currently considered buying a first edition because she figures the price (and value) can only go up based on the number of people who really, REALLY want to re-visit this cherished childhood fairy tale bearland - us included. I feel certain that if Random House republished either of the titles they would be snapped up readily - they are classic good, simple storytelling enhanced with imaginative and detailed illustrations that will never go out of style. I know that if Evelyn Scott's work is made available again I will be purchasing MANY copies to give to family and friends. Even if the book were to cost $15-20 it would still beat the heck out of the current price tag, and you could feel comfortable letting a child hold the book and disappear into the enchanting world it depicts. This book obviously achieved its ultimate goal quite well - transporting us to another place, where bears wear tutu's and spectacles and eat different flavors of honey... a place we want to go
back to even as adults!

It's a surprise to discover there are evelyn scott groupies and all yearning for our favorite childhood books. I used to do a story hour at the school, and the favorite book was the fourteen bears. I must have loaned it to one of the children and never got it back. But now my daughter is so... sad that it is not among the books I saved. She has four boys and really wants to share the book with them. We also have looked for years and only occasionally find one of those collector copies that is in brand new condition and hundreds of dollars which is out of our range. i sure hope you find us one, even if it's old and beaten up. With this kind of interest, you would think Golden Books would re-release it. We would also like the other version, summer and winter. Thanks 

My sister and I just took a trip down memory lane, our hearts ached as we traced the pages and scenes of our favorite bears. My sister, definitely Johanna, and I, certainly Emma, could not get enough of our most precious book. How amazed we were to find that the value of this book is so great! Of course it was always valuable in our hearts, now we guard it, well, my sister guards it and I envy it (the book was inscribed to her by our grandparents) and I would love a copy of my own. How fun to learn what a popular book it still is. We cannot wait to tell our brother, none other than Little Theodore, himself!

After reading your comments page I now realize that I am not the only  grown woman with very fond memories of this children's book.  I would  love to have the opportunity to share it with my own three children.   Please email me if you come into contact with any copies.  As soon as I  saw the picture of this book on your website it filled my heart with  wonderful memories. Thank you for your time

For anyone who wants to read the book again, but cannot find a copy anywhere for sale, you can read this book online at http://www.antiquebooks.net/readpage.html.  I would love to buy this book myself someday.

I have written to you before concerning the possibility of republishing the Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter. I have a worn and torn copy that I bought for my youngest child who is now 31 years old. It was his very very favorite book. I now have fourteen grandchildren who also have made this their favorite. Each grandchild has chosen their own bear. I actually have two granddaughters who are named Hannah and Emma (sisters). 

I fell in love with this book in 1974 when my Mom  purchased it for me.  I was so happy I found it again!  I've been reading it to my daughter, and now we have another generation of girls in love with the Fourteen Bears.

I just returned from my parents home. My mother brought out a box full of my childhood books. I found my copy of the Fourteen Bears Summer and Winter. The condition is ok but taped together some. I want a good copy of this book for my 7 month old son, Houston. This was such a great childhood memory! I want it back!

This was my daughter's favorite book when she was just a few years old.  She is now 27 and we still have fond memories of reading this together every day.  As you can imagine, it is well worn and loved.

Wow! I can't believe so many others have the same fond memories of this book. Somehow I had thought that this was a special book that only my sister and I had so many magical moments with! Of course other people were captivated by Anna, Ramona, Little Theodore... Did you want the Maple or Coconut ice cream? How would you decorate your tree? Which one would you live in? Oh, the  imagination went on and on. I'm sad to see that used copies are rare and there are no re-prints. My sister and I both love this book the most! I guess I'll color copy the 
one we have until we find another copy!

The Story of Fourteen Bears.  I was recently writing my "life story" and I remembered that this was my favorite book of all time. I used to put all my blankets in my closet and would sleep in there so I could have a "cave bed" like the one in the book. My mother still has my copy, and today while searching on Ebay I found a copy of Ms. Scott's other book, the Summer and Winter one in a job lot of children's books... purely by accident. I am sure the seller has no idea how valuable this book is. I have contacted a friend of mine in the publishing industry to see about buying reprinting rights. Wish me luck. I love these books.

The Story of Fourteen Bears.  My favorite book. I still have my copy and I am 36 years old. Now it is my daughter's favorite book. It would be great if it could be printed again. I see this book selling for large sums of money. I would never part with mine. Nice to read stories from other fans!!

I've been looking for this book for the same reasons that so many others have been... it was a childhood favourite and I want to share it with my own children.  How  does one go about getting a publisher to re-print a book? 

I was so amazed to find your site and learn that my favorite childhood book was so adored by so many others as well.  Others has posted messages about a possible reprint?  Has that happened?  If not, please add me to your list if that should happen as I would to have a copy.  I am afraid that the prices of the used copies I have found are out of my reach.  Any other suggestion for finding a cheaper copy or even a photocopy of the book?

I have been on the hunt for this wonderful book for about 10 years or so. It was the first book I remember sharing with  my parents, my father in particular.  It was the story that we read together at bedtime. We read it so often that I had the entire story memorized, including author, illustrator, publishing company and copyright date!!  During one of our various moves, it was lost.  Twelve years ago my father died and having this book again, though the time shared with it is already a happy memory, would make it a tangible one, a childhood token of a very dear and special time spent with father, mother and daughter.  Any luck in a reprint?  Sign me up for sure!

What an absolutely wonderful memory this book is!!!  I adored every last detail of it.  With multiple postings praising The Fourteen Bears, perhaps someone with a little clout can influence the publisher?  Shame on them for not sharing this magical book with new generations!  (There are millions to be made, if that is all that influences the publishers!)  Millions of adults are longing to share this book with their children and grandchildren!

my mom was raised by a family who she said really did'nt care about her. during me and moms "special moments" she told me how she used to bury herself in this book when she was younger, because the family was so... happy. Well she has been looking and only found really expensive prices which we can't afford so if you coud help I would REALLY appriciate it. so im requsting it.

Fourteen Bears  Summer and Winter. My brother received this book from his godmother in 1974 and our parents read it to him for years until he gave it to me when I was a little toddler and my parents and my brother then read it to me.  I treasured this book for many years until we were moving and had it in storage and someone broke into a rental storage shed and stole all my childhood toys and many many rare children's books, including this very special book.   It broke my heart.  Who would rob a little girl of all her childhood memories?  I and my mom and brother have been searching for about 3 years now for either our book or someone else's that we could purchase.  My brother is also searching for this book for his new baby daughter.  We would so appreciate if someone would ever find our book that they would contact us....I think it was written on in the inside cover to my brother from his Aunt Marleen and Uncle John.  We hope and pray that we can someday recover our very special copy of this wonderful children's book, with little Theodore being my favorite as he was the baby!!!  thank you 

I am almost brought to tears reading the comments on your site!  I, too, am one of the 30(+)year olds whose memories of childhood center around this absolutely wonderful story.  You can all imagine my chagrin, when after my daughter's birth a year ago, I began to look for the box of books that I had dragged with me in my moves between various cities and even countries, but to no avail.  Somewhere it had disappeared, and along with it was my copy of The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter.  My heartbreak was made even worse when I saw a copy on the web selling for $530US.  How, HOW can we get Golden Books/Random House to reprint this book??? They will not only make our children's lives just that much happier, but also will make a killing. 

I guess I'll parrott all the many comments I read.  I adore this book!  I can remember as a little girl that I loved the swimsuit that the polar bear wore at the beach.  I can remember the bears all eating ice cream cones and taking a nap in the sand.  This has been about 30 years ago.  I have 2 children of my own now, but I want this book for ME!  Please, please, please REISSUE THIS BOOK!!!

evelyn scott, The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter. What a wonderful surprise. My daughter just had her first baby, and her best friends baby is due in August. She wanted her friend to have a copy of the book but after searching, we discovered that it was out of print. While looking again last month I discovered that it would be reprinted. I just purchased two copies one for each of them.  I bought this book for $1.50, twenty eight years ago for my daughter. We used to read it every night and the book is so old that it's pages are taped together.  Thank you so much for listening to all of the beloved readers.

The beautiful book arrived on Tuesday- sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. It was everything I imagined and I almost cried- the most wonderful book ever. It took me back to my childhood and will be a wonderful addition to my daughter's book collection. Thank you 

I was hoping you could help me.  I'm afraid I don't remember too much about this book.  It's a children's book about bears.  Each page has a picture of a bear and a picture of what it's dwelling is like ie; the princess bear is dressed in a beautiful gown she lives in a castle and she has a fluffy fancy bed.  I loved this book as a child.  I think I had it when I was around 4. This would have been in 1972.  Please e-mail me if this rings any bells.

i think B58 is looking for 21 bears in summer and winter- i don't know the author...i'm looking for it myself
Sounds like it might be   Scott, Evelyn. The Fourteen Bears, Summer and Winter. Illustrated by Virginia Parsons. A Golden Book. Racine: Golden Press, 1969, 1973 listed n your most requested books.  I remember this well as it was a favorite of my daughter's and mine! I remember one was Hannah and one was Anna. I think they were twin bears.

I would like 2 copies is possible. My girls still talk about this one. They are 30 and 28.  Thanks.

This was my favorite book when I was little and I would love to get a copy for my daughter. I hope you can find one. 

I am desperately looking for any copy of this book in any kind of shape.  I know we have a copy  somewhere, but I would have to fight my sister for it!  Am interested in any price, if only to know if it's totally out of reach.

I, like many others would like to own this book, The Fourteen Bears.  I know that it is out of print, but I was wondering why Golden Books can't re release it?  I know that many people would like to buy it.  Is it such a big ordeal to do this? They must get thousands of requests every day.  Can you explain the process? Thank You.

Hi--This book had 2 parts, one side was the bear family in winter, and the other side was the family in summer.  I remember there was a Mom and Dad and little baby Theodore, and twins Flora and Dora. They did stuff like decorate their trees in the winter, and in the summer ate different kinds of honey.  I LOVED this book, and now that I have a little guy of my own, I want to read it to him!! Thanks for any help you can give me :)

I have always remembered this book because 14 was my favorite number when I was a kid and I named my favorite teddy bear Theadore.  HE was SOOO Cute!!  I do not even remember how the book goes.  I don't remember anything except that there is a bear named Theadore.  I would love to read it again and read it to my 3 year old daughter and 6 year old son.  I hope that it is reprinted SOOOOOOOOOOON.  I have looked in every library and used book store where I go, around the northwest and have not found it yet.

My daughter is thinking of buying a book that is out of print called The Fourteen Bears, Summer and Winter.  In looking through your pages  I came to understand that some books come back into print.  The price is quite high and I would hate for her to pay such a high price for a book that might be in print again. So how does one know if it will?

Isn't there ANY way this book can be made available to the general public again instead of just collectors wanting to pay hundreds of dollars and keep it in a glass case? I LOVED this book when I was young-- seeing the photo of it on this site brought back a flood of happy memories. And I would absolutely love to give it to own kids. I guess we're all stuck, huh? If any copies come available, though, I'd love to hear about it.

This book was one of my most earliest childhood memories and for some reason like most of my childhood toys, it disappeared somewhere.  I would love to be able to find this book in good condition, so I could pass it along to my children someday.

This was one of my favorite books growing up.  And somehow it "mysteriously" disappeared.  I would LOVE to be able to find this book and be able to give it to my nephew and to my niece (who's due anyday now).  I enjoyed this book and I know they would too.

My 23 yr. old daughter just asked me about this book but we couldn't remember the title.  I put "Flora and Dora" in to the Yahoo search engine and found this site!  We would definitely buy several copies if they reprint it.  Good luck!

I absolutely adored this story as a young child.  I made my mum read it to me every night (or so it seemed).  I am now 30yo with 2 young children and would love it if Random House re-published this book!!!  I recon I'd purchase 10 copies at least!

I have loved this book for 30 years.  I always remembered it, but could not remember the title or author to try to replace it.  But today I found my original copy at my sister's house!  The problem is, my little niece has ripped out many of the pages.  I would love to find another copy of this book!  It is such a treasure.

The fourteen bears in summer and winter was my absolute favorite book as a child. I am heartbroken because I cannot find it in my parent's house anywhere. I have turned the house upside down and still cannot locate it. I can still remember the beautifully decorated tree houses where each bear lived. I would love to share this book with my niece and nephew. I know they would enjoy it as much as I did 28 years ago. In the book, one of the bears had a canopy bed which made me want one at the age of seven. Can you help me locate a copy? I was able to locate a couple copies on the internet but I cannot afford to pay $300 to $700. I would appreciate any help you could give me. It would mean so much.

Since this is such a popular book and there are sooooo many requests for it, why does not the publisher reissue it?  They could make a heap of money from it, because most people who want it would be more than willing to pay a good price for it.  Please, Golden Books, reissue this book. I would love to buy a copy of this book, but it does not look very promising.

I am also "one of the lucky ones" that have a copy of this wonderful book! It was a favorite of my sister and mine as we were growing up! It warms my heart to read it now (even at 30!) The story and the illustrations are just magical! I cant wait to share it with my daughter Hannah. I would love to see this book republished!

Me and my sister absolutely love this book (I'm 31 and she is 29). We had it as a child in Australia and still had it when we moved to England up untill about 10 years ago. Obviously we didn't know it was American as we used to laugh at the way 'mummy' was spelt 'mommy'. We always used to think it was a spelling mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha-Ha. I would love to be able to get another copy. I understand there are a few copies at over £400. I surpose if I won the lottery that would be my first buy. Me and my sister are having families of our own now and would love to be able to read it to our children. I'm glad there are so many people out there who feel the same way. Maybe they will reprint it. 

After performing what I was sure would be a fruitless Internet search for a book I loved as a child, I found your site and discovered that I am looking for The Fourteen Bears by Evelyn Scott.  I'm sure you receive dozens of emails on the topic, but I hope you don't mind one more.  I had the book when it first came out - I was three in 1969 - and my mother read it to me many times.   I memorized the pictures when my mother wasn't reading it to me, and I kept The Fourteen Bears and several other favorite books (including Andrew Henry's Meadow) in a box in storage so I could share them with my own children.  When my daughter was born in 1998, I broke them out of storage and we read them to her, but my wife felt that it was too soon for all those books and she put most of my favorites back in storage.  Now that my daughter is four and my son is approaching two, I've torn my house apart for my books, but they've vanished.  It is likely that they were misplaced during a cleaning or move and were lost for good.

Awhile back, I read that Random House was considering a reprint of the Fourteen Bears.  Does anyone have any more info. on this or does anyone know how we can jump start the process for a reprint?

Please add me to the long list of requests for the book The Fourteen Bears Summer and Winter.  I have been looking for it for years.  My children used to check it out at their school library...it was our favorite!!  Now they have children of their own, and I would love to purchase it for them. If you can help me...a huge thanks

my story is like all of yours. my sister and i loved that book. please how do we get it reissued or reprinted? random house does have email to contact. so everyone let then know! seems like theyd want to make more money, in 20 years it becomes public domain, so anyone can reprint it. maybe my grandkids will get to read my most favorite book. too bad i cant share it with my own children.

As children we loved when our parents read the Fourteen Bears, Summer & Winter. Through the years we read this  book to our younger brother and sister. Being read so much, the book has aged. We would really like to be able to buy a new version to read to our children. This is a wonderfull story and we hope it continues to enrich many generations to come. 

I, too, have a copy of this book.  I received an email from the "out of print" section of Barnes and Nobles that there is only one left in print.....the cost?   $1671.60.....I HAVE THE EMAIL TO PROVE IT. Mine is in great condition except for some wear on the binder.  Am looking to sell this.

thank you Ms. Scott for creating a lovely book.  i read this book to my younger brothers, and now am reading it to my own daughters at grandma's house.  it is not in great shape, but all children, boys and girls, younger and older enjoy it so much.  and so do i.  yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if they reprinted this book? i would then buy a copy for every baby born in our family! 

Hi Harriett, I like many others would love to see Evelyn Scott's book reprinted, is there anything us ladies can do to initiate a reprint? Write to [the publisher's] president, fill out a petition- along list of people who want to see it reprinted, contact Evelyn Scott or family members? Please let me know I really really would love to have this book for all three of my children.
Publishers are part of our capitalist system.  If they are certain they can make money on reprinting an old title, they might be encouraged to bring it back into print.  To that extent, sending a line to the publisher might be useful. Fourteen Bears was originally published by Golden Press, but I believe Random House now owns the rights.  I have heard of a couple attempts of people and small presses to republish this title, and all have failed.  But it may succeed yet...   Of course, what you and I might consider a promising sales opportunity may not be what the publisher sees as a potential cash cow....  Good luck all the same, and let me know if you have any success (I'll carry 'em if you do!).
Hi I am writing to let you know that there is a campaign going on to get Evelyn Scott's book The Fourteen Bears Summer and Winter reprinted. If you have anyone write to you in regards to this book would you please have them e-mail Random House: Please consider reprinting Evelyn Scott's Fourteen Bears Summer and Winter. It is a childhood favorite and I would be interested in purchasing several copies. Thank you.

IT'S GOING TO BE REPRINTED!!!!  Random House has finally responded to our pleas for a reprint.  This book will become available again in September 2005.  I know I will be one of the first in line next to all of you to buy my copies.  A victory for all of us who loved the bears as children, now we can share them with our own children.  YEAH!!!!!

Comments on the re-release of this favorite gem

Thanks for the great news, I have written and called Random House in the past and was tempted to pay $300 just to have my favorite book again, I can't wait to see it and to get it for all of my friends with children! Thanks again!

Thirteen Bears:  Summer and Winter: My Mom, sisters and I went to lunch yesterday and were talking about our memories of this book.  We couldn't remember the title, just about looking at each of the bears in "their" tree.  I came home and got on the computer and found the name of the book.  We all four want a copy of this book BADLY!  What a wonderful memory we had, and would love to share with our own kids!

My family has been looking for this book for years!  Thank you!!

I am so happy to find that they are releasing this book again. I read it to my children and had to give it back to the origional owner.  I will be happy to have it for the future grandchildren.

I am so happy to hear the news that this book will be reprinted! I am amazed that there are so many people out there as desperate as we are to find this book. I have two sisters, and we are all "fighting" over who our one original book belongs to : )! I should mention that we are 32, 29, and 20! It will be cool to have a couple copies to to share with them as surprise gifts.

I thank you in advance and hope I am lucky enough to get two copies for two very special 30-year-old daughters, who fought over this precious book for years.  I still have the "tattered" original and cannot part with it.  We are really looking forward to these books!

I LOVED this book as a child and have searched forever for my own copy but have not been able to find it.....I was so disappointed because I wanted to share this book with my three children.  I am so thrillled to hear that it will be reprinted in 2005!  Can't wait for my "new" cherished copy!

This is a book we've had in our family for almost 30 years. The orignial is almost worn out.  We read it to both our daughters nightly for several years. 

Can it really be true that my all-time favorite children's book will soon be available again?! I can't wait to read this wonderful book to my 3 year old! Thank you for giving me such great news!

My three daughters, all now in their twenties, remember this as their favorite book.  They will love having a copy of their own.

Fond memories of this book from childhood.  Mom let someone borrow it and it was never returned.  Now I'm 37, and would love to read it to my chldren!

I am one of twelve children and for so many years I thought this story was one that was made up and told to me because the bear family was exactly the same size as mine and no one else remembered a book.  But the images of the bears' cozy little rooms in the great thick tree were so vivid and warm--I KNEW it was out there somewhere!  I'm so glad I found you!!  I can't wait to share the book with my children--thank you!

This has always been my favorite children's book.  While I was still a child, my grandmother innocently sold our book at a garage sale.  Our original copy was very special.  The two stories were on opposite sides of the book.  The book had two covers.  You flipped the book over to read the summer story and vice versa for the winter.

evelyn scott, the fourteen bears in summer and winter. I have held on to my original copy of this book since I was a child, the cover peeling, the spine torn and some pages taped in... all with love. Now that I have three children of my own, I have displayed my book on my daughters wall. I took it down tonight and it was an instant hit. Even though they werent allowed to touch my book) they loved it just as I did. I then logged online to see if I could find the book only to see that it was hundreds of dollars. I then googled it and saw the re-release date. I will be in line that day, buying one for each of my kids and a few for my future grandkids!

Evelyn Scott, The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter. I'm BUSTING!   I just opened my special order of 10 copies of The Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter!!!  Picked it up, came back to the office, closed my door and opened my precious cargo.  I was completely transported to a different time and place.  Although the book is smaller than the original, it makes little difference.  The pictures are just as beautiful and the story is just as enchanting as it was 30 years ago.  I CAN'T WAIT to go home tonight and read it to my 3 year-old daughter!  Thanks so much to Loganberry Books for providing the forum for us addicts to share our memories of our beloved book.  The search is over!'

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