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Pierre Probst

Caroline and Her Friends

Caroline to the Rescue

Caroline in Europe

Caroline in Egypt

Pierre Probst (1913-2007 ) introduced Caroline and her feisty animal friends to the French public in 1952, and added to the series for a decade. The illustrations are charming, full color, and with wonderful two-page spreads with great comic details. William Collins Sons printed the British editions, and Golden Press printed some American editions, but the titles aren't always the same for these translations.  It also appears that Probst is at it again, adding 10 new titles in the last 5 years or so.

My goodness, but I have a lot of requests for Caroline.  I've been trying to piece together a bibliography, but it is not complete.  The French titles in red have been published in the last ten years or so.  Here's what I've gathered so far:

Translated by Beata Dabrowska
* designates a title still in print
Caroline at the Ranch.  Golden Press, 1961.
Caroline Goes to Sea.  Wm. Collins Sons, 1954.
Caroline in Europe.  Golden Press, 1960.
Caroline's Grand Tour.  Wm. Collins Sons, 1973. 
Caroline's Winter Holiday.  Wm. Collins Sons, 1973. 
Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her  Friends. Golden Press, 1961. 

Caroline a La Ferme.  Caroline au cirque.  Caroline au carnaval.Caroline au Indes.  Caroline au Pôle Nord. Caroline au Ranch. Caroline chez les Lillipuchiens.  Caroline Demenage.  Caroline détective.   Caroline en Egypte.  Caroline en vacances. Caroline et le mystere du Chat fossile.  Caroline et l'île mysterieuse.  Caroline et Le Robot.  Caroline et les Vagabonds.   Caroline et ses amis la vaillante prendl'eau.  Caroline et Son Automobile. Caroline fait du cheval.Caroline Invite Ses Amis.Caroline sur la lune. Caroline visite Paris.   L'automobile De Caroline.

Bobby the Dog.  Little Golden Books #440, 1961.
Kenny and his Raft.  Librairie Hachette, 1966, Hart 1968.
Pipo.  Librairie Hachette, 1974.
Puff the Blue Kitten.  Little Golden Books #443, 1961.

Birds Everywhere. by Jean Dorst. Whitman World Library, 1963.
Bibiche en Alsace.  by Blanchard.  J. Barbe, 1945.
The Days of Knights & Castles.  by Pierre Miguel.  Silver Burdett, 1985. 
Nature, an Introduction to our World.  by Mary Refoy.  Whitman, 1964.
World of Animals.  by Mary Holmes.  Whitman, 1963.
World of Nations.  by Duncan Taylor.  Whitman, 1963.


Caroline's Grand Tour

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Hi! The book that I have seen is 1961 but copyright 1953, 55... I haven't had any luck with this, but I would greatly appreciate any information you may have. Thank you!!!!!!

I believe there are two other Golden Books about Caroline by Pierre Probst (sp?). Don't quote me on the titles but I think they are Caroline Out West and Caroline Goes to France. I would be interested in purchasing any or all of these titles if you can find them. Thank you.

I am looking for a book for a friend. She is having a child, and has said Caroline and her Friends was her favorite book as a child. Unfortunately she has no idea what happened to her childhood copy. Beyond the title the only other information I have is the illustrator, Pierre Probst. The book was published sometime in the late 1950's early 1960's. I don't think Pierre was the author though. I would really appreciate any help you could provide in locating this book.  Thanks for your time in advance.

Help Please! Desperately seeking this Big Golden Book about Caroline, a little girl who travels with her animal friends, that are really more like people. Pierre Probst wrote a whole series of Caroline books and I will take ANY of these you can find. But finding The Golden Treasury would be a dream come true! I've been looking for ten years!

I am looking for the Caroline childrens books in English. Your site is the first I have found were they knew what the Caroline books are. Ideally I would like the one that is a large hardback about 1 to 2 inches thick that contained several stories. I think it was called the Adventures of Caroline and published about 1961, in English. Thanks

I am seeking this book, or one or two of the individual books that comprise the master book, for a friend of  mine.  She has, in the past, been an immense help to me, and this is her dearest childhood memory.  I wish to locate it for her to show her how much her help and friendship means to me! 

I want any Caroline books - but I really want the Golden Treasury (it seems I am not alone in that!). Thank you for assisting me in my quest for Caroline books!

Man, coming from an ex-NFL'er, this may sound strange, but with my first little one on the way soon, I wanna start collecting Caroline books for him/her/they... god forbid!  Can you send me a list of what Caroline books you have for sale?  I'd appreciate it.

I have a treasured copy of Caroline and her friends published by Paul Hamlyn Westbrook House Fulham Broadway London in 1963. This includes an English translation of a camping holiday, a trip round europe, at the ranch, winter sports and journey to the north pole. This is a hard back two inch thick book and was printed in Czechoslovakia. It states copyrights 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 and 1963 by librairie hatchette. I should like to get hold of another copy of this compilation book if at all possible. It is one of my most treasured childhood items and I have never seen such a beautifully illustrated childrens book!

this is a childhood book that I would like to give to my first born child.  I have been looking for it over a year.  I would like to give it to my child on his first birthday.  It will be late spring.  I hope you are able to help.

I thought I saw Caroline in an animated cartoon in French, while in Canada a few years ago.  I tried to find the book there but with no success.  Any help would be appreciated.

I would like any English titles of Caroline Books. My copy is missing the last few pages and my children and I must see the ending. PLEASE HELP!

I had the giant Golden book which was a collection of all the Caroline books in one hardcover edition. I'd prefer that, but apparently, none exist! I'm interested in ANY Caroline book for sale, even in French. Thanks.

I had a book about 35 years ago which had the some animal characters in it with the names "Pouf", "Youpi", "Pitou". They were cats and dogs.  With a young girl they went to different places in Europe, possibly the World.  I am trying to find it. Maybe you can help?

I am absolutely astounded to know there are other Caroline fans out there like myself.  I recieved my treasured copy on my 5th birthday from my Godparents.  It has certainly seen better days as I am now 41 years old.  I have enjoyed reading it to my 9 year old son and now my 3 year old daughter.  I've been searching for another copy for many years but have never seen one anywhere.  It sounds like there is plenty of interest in a reprint if only we could convince Golden Books to do it.  I know they have reprinted many of the original Little Golden Books (The Pokey Little Puppy was another childhood favorite I was able to purchase for my children when it was reprinted)--why not this one?  Any ideas on banding together enough people to make them realize it would be worth it?

This book was physically large and I believe the cover was yellow, with several different stories, all involving the same group of animal friends and one little girl.  The illustrations were incredibly well done, with the animals in clothing, and animal expressions done in such a way that they appeared to be "human expressions".  One story involved an adventure in the hungle with the dogs wearing jungle hats, another with some type of circus, another a pillow fight, and one involving a sea voyage with at least one of the animals becoming sea sick. I have been looking for this book for years.
Probst, Pierre, Caroline and Her Friends (series).  NY Golden 1960s.  It sounds like the Caroline series by Pierre Probst, translated from the French and published by Golden in the 1960s. I think they're on the Most Requested list. The books are large (approx 8x11) and those covers I've seen are colourful, and at least one has a lot of yellow. Caroline is a little girl with animal friends (dog, cat, etc.) who has adventures including going to the jungle, to the ranch, on a sea voyage, etc.

I was so thrilled to find your website - I have been looking for The Golden Treasury of Caroline and her friends for 25 years!  I did not know who the author was until I went to the library of congress this evening!  Every book sell, every store, everywhere, I have searched for this book.  This book was published when I was 4 years ago and I used to check it out of the library every other week.  Your pictures have just taken me back in time to a wonderful place - reading.

I am so excited to see so many other people who also love Caroline and her adorable animal friends. I have a battered copy that I have treasured since I was a child. I have been searching for another copy or other stories for years now. I would be so happy if Golden Press decided to do a reprint. I would be first in line.

Does anyone else remember the Caroline adventure where she is in Europe?  I remember she was in Holland and she and her dogs were having fun with the large balls of cheese (Gouda?).  I truly believe that these early books ere what inspired me to travel round Europe in my twenties.

I  SO want any of the Caroline books to give to my own Caroline. It is no coincidence that I chose this name for my only daughter. I'm 41, and my copy of the Golden Treasury of Caroline and her Friends is so beat up from the countless number of times I read it as a child. I can't tell you how long I studied every last detail of those illustrations.  How about that one where all the animals are running scared out of their tent at camp because of the little mouse or the scene of all the animals getting their check-ups at the camp infirmary?  They're so dear!!! Anyway, I have no clue as to how to go about securing a copy of a book(s) that I now know is also treasured by others.  Any suggestions are welcome. What I'd give for my daughter to know the joy of this wonderful heroine who shares her name. Help please! 

An absolutely magical book that I remember reading as a child.  It came from the school my father taught at, and it is loved by my family.  I have been fortunate to find two of the books in Canada, but would love to get the big "Adventures" book of my childhood.  The illustration is wonderful, and my daughters love them, too.  I wish Golden, or whomever, would  reprint this, but will keep trying to find other Caroline (old English copies) books in the meantime.

Fascinating to see that this book (and others like it) have such a cult following. I'm 39, and grew up with this book, and just succeeding in wresting my family's copy out of my sister's clutches (it was just sitting in a closet)...am so glad to have it back. Was wondering if there were more BIG collections of Caroline tales like it, but browsing through the web, it seems not. Is it still possible to get a copy of Caroline in Europe?

I found your site as a link of another site, and was going through your Stump the Bookseller Q&A's. It reminded me of a book I had loved as a child, but didn't remember enough of to send in any clues- I just had a vague "warm and fuzzy" feeling about the book, knew it was about a little girl, and had a white glossy cover. Imagine my surprise when I found Caroline & Her Friends- that was the book! 

I still have my greatly worn book from the 60's.  I still love this book but some of the pages are worn & a few pages are lost.  Wish I could find a new copy of this wonderful series (Big Golden Book).  I am in the process of showing it to my two sons.  They're in their teens & one is in his second year of German & my Freshman is in his first year of French.  I think my quest will be to collect the French editions for my youngest son & perhaps my oldest might consider a German Class Project to translate what I do have of this TREASURED Book into German for his teacher & class.  What a Great idea to have a website where other Caroliner's can vent their views on Caroline & her adorable critter friends.  I've always loved this book.  Never thought it would become such a valuable work.  I wish Mr. Probst could republish the American Series. 

Hi, Just wanted you to know what a relief it was to see a picture of my favourite book on your website. and to read the emails from other people who love the book themselves. My copy is getting so battered now I dare'nt open it. Any news on reprints would be appreciated.

Harriett, PLEASE work your magic to get "The Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her Friends" by Pierre Probst back into print.  It is truly the most magical and beautiful book!  I just read my 45 year old book to a 3rd grade class and they fell in love with the characters!

Pierre Probst, Caroline and Her Friends.  I have been searching for "Caroline and Her Friends" for over 20 years!!!!  I cannot believe I finally, finally came across your web site with the book!!  I had this book as a child in the early 60's (I am now 44).  How do I get my hands on a copy????  My father gave away all of my childhood books, dolls, everything I attributed to my childhood when I was away at college. I am trying to get some semblence of my childhood back....Please let me know what I need to do to obtain a copy.  Thank you so much!!!!  This find is absolutely priceless to me.

Pierre Probst, Caroline and her Friends. I had no idea that there were so many Caroline fans. I've never met anyone else who has read the books. This book and all its memories are more dear to me than gold. I too finally found my old copy (my sister and brother really fought me for it, but it had my name in it) and had it rebound. I shared the book with my first two children who also loved it. However, one of my children left it outside and I didn't discover it for a while. It is basically ruined. I am desperate to find a new copy. I can't even say which one is my favorite drawing, I love them all soo much. Does anyone think there is even a slim chance of getting Golden to reprint them?'

Probst.  I've really enjoyed your website. Finally found Caroline and Her Friends after years of searching.  Am interested in Caroline books when they become available.  I 1st met Caroline during a tornado watch at school in Leavenworth KS.  She was supposed to be over my head, but at six that did not make much sense to me (still doesn't).  But even at six I figured if you got to die, might as well die reading.

Pierre Probst, Caroline and Her Friends. How fantastic to see the illustrations of Caroline and Her Friends on this web site. Several years ago I was searching the web for this book and it was as though it never existed. It's great to read all the stories from everyone. Our family's copy went missing about 20 years ago and my sisters and I have only our memories to rely on.

Pierre Probst, Caroline and Her  Friends.  I second motion: Golden Press needs to reprint its Caroline Treasury.  Perhaps Golden Press is reluctant to reprint Caroline stories because the illustrations aren't sanitized: Men in the background smoking in the "Trip to the Mountains" scene or the wine bottle floating in the lake in the scene from Rusty's party. The stories and facial expressions of the characters are priceless.  Having named my second daughter Caroline, I, too,can attest to the power of this series of children's books!  Come on Golden....reprint some of these!

pierre probst, Caroline and her friends.  I received my treasured copy on my 7th birthday. It has seen better days as I am now 46. I passed it on to my son when he was 7, he is now 18. Now that my daughter is 7 he has passed it on to her. I was delighted at her response and her expressions of delight as she turned the pages. It brought back special memories of the joy I got from reading Caroline and her friends.

I still have my beloved copy of the "Golden Treasury" of Caroline and her Friends.  I also have the trip to Europe and the one on the ranch and recently found the French version of "Caroline en Europe" as well.  What COMPLETELY delighted me is that the English and French stories are a bit different and there's illustrations in the French version that aren't in the English and vice versa.  So finding this 40+ year old book now and seeing illustrations I'd never seen truly was a gift!  I also wish that they would re-publish these books - they truly are magical!  I was showing the big book to my boyfriend last night and he too was amazed at how much is going on in every illustration - you really don't even have to READ the book to see what's going on. Pierre Probst - if you're still around PLEASE re-publish Caroline - you have a TON of fans!!!

Pierre Probst, The Golden treasury of Caroline and her friends This was my favorite childhood book given to me by my parents in 1961 for Christmas.  The version combined all of Caroline and her friends trips from the above books into one book.  The pictures and expressions are priceless.  Whenever I felt blue, I would get out this book, and soon I would be in tears laughing!  My sisters and parents would spend hours reading this book and admiring its illustraions. It was shared with the next generation of kids, but now it's in demand again.  Where can we find it!

Can you work your magic here? I have a sequel to this book called Caroline at the Ranch so I assume the author and all is the smae for The Golden Treasury. Beautiful book about a little girl and her animal friends that act more like pople than animals. I've been searching and searching for this childhood treasure! It is a Big Golden Book, and may also be a translation (from french???). Caroline at the Ranch states that it is translated by Beata Dabrowska. Thank you so much for your time. I will wait to hear from you with MUCH anticipation!!

I believe these books were first published in the 50's in french. Possibly a series of 10 books. I know 2 titles: Caroline and her Friends and Caroline at the Ranch. I believe Pierre Probst is also the illustrator. I would be inerested in all that you could find. I thank you.

I read this book in the early 60's. I think it was a Big Golden Book and maybe a French book translated. Caroline was a little girl and her friends were animals. The animal I remember most was a puppy named Bobby. One illustration is of the two of them on a ski lift. Bobby is looking forlorn as his ski slipped off his foot and is falling down the hillside. I, and every other child that frequented our library, loved this book. It was always checked out as quickly as it came in.

It is about a little girl Caroline and her friends (Rusty the dog, Inky the black cat and there was a white cat also) who go on vacation to Paris and the Swiss Alps.

Hi! I am trying to figure out the title of a book my friends and I absolutely loved in first grade (1972). It was about a little girl named Caroline and her adventures with a group of friends. I believe she was French, blonde, and about 8 years old and her friends were all animals--kittens, puppies, a little bear and a lion cub. The animals looked like animals but acted as humans. Some of their adventures were the seashore, skiing, cleaning out an old house or car, etc. Our library's copy was large format, about 12" x 18" and orange (it may have had a missing dust cover). The illustrations were very detailed and covered whole pages, with a little area left over for text. Judging from the illustrations, the book may have been from teh mid-fifties or early sixties. Once I figure out what the book is, I'd love to find a copy. Thanks in advance for any hints to this mystery!

Harriett...where can I find these in English? My son is expecting his first and I want to give them to him and his wife as gifts.  He had them as a little boy and although he won't admit it now, was in love with Caroline and her friends! 

I have a very "battered" copy of this lovely book, but would love to find another copy!

I have a very old copy of this book at home that is damaged and missing pages. It was one of my favorite books as a child and I would love to find a better copy to read and share with my children. Your web site is one of the only areas that has any information as to the publications of Probst's books. Just e-mail me if you can find any copies of this book and thank you for having this site up and running.

What are the chances that anyone will get this book?  Can you e-mail me and let me know what I can do to help this effort?  I would really like the book.

Thanks for writing.  If so many people want the book why don't they reprint  it.  You know, make a one time bunch of the book and let everyone who wants 
it purchase it?  How does this work in the book world?  [well, the copyright holders--author & family and publishers--have to release the rights for republication...  There are some newer French titles available, but don't count on The Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her Friends being republished unless Golden Books does it themselves...]

Any of his other books in English let me know about asap please I have been searching for any of these particularly this one for my sister for years. Thank you for your help

Thanks, I found your Pierre Probst page on Google. I have been looking for these books for my children, we have an old beat up copy of Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her Friends at my parents' house.

I would encourage anyone interested in seeing The Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her Friends reprinted to contact Golden Books directly through their website at www.goldenbooks.com.  I can't think it would do the cause any harm for them to hear just how beloved this book is and how much many of us would love to share it with friends and family who have young children now (not to mention replacing our own worn out copies!)

I was given the Golden Treasury in 1964 on my 4th birthday and I am not exaggerating when I say it has been my most favourite book ever. It even influenced me in my early love of foreign languages and travel. I have now 3 daughters aged 11, 7 and 3 and they love Caroline and all her friends as much as I do. I am heartbroken that I seem to have lost my English treasury (the translation into English is also one of the best I have ever seen for such a book)  I have then bought most of the other French titles though a couple are missing and I translate as I read almost every day (again I am not exaggerating!). I am delighted to know that M Probst is alive still and I would like to have an opportunity to write to him and thank him personally for all the pleasure he has given us. How can I do this please? It is outrageous
that the whole range is not available in English - I would happily offer my services to translate the books. I also have friends who run publishing companies and when I think of the merchandising possibilities, how could any little (or big) child) not want a cuddly Youpi/Chippy or Pitou/Kit. I just love all of the animals but most of all for their characters, well Pouf/Puff is so ..well so confident and cheeky, Bobi so sweet and Kid perhaps is my favorite of all of them. I have French friends however WHO HAVE NEVER HEARD OF CAROLINE - HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? One has just called me to say she is coming to England and knows of this obsession and asked what book she can bring me. So I thought I'd check on the internet and I found your wonderful site!

My eyes are filled with tears! I have been on a three year mission for some acknowledgement of my beloved book. I wanted to find a copy for my sister. I didn't have a clue to what I was getting into.  This is the first informative sight I've landed on.  What a heartfelt connection I have made.  Their are others out there like myself. How I adore Caroline and her precious friends. It is now my daughters favorite "SPECIAL" book.  Why is Pierre so aloof.  Why is America in the dark.  These illustrations are incomparable.  Not that I am looking to sell, but would like to have an idea of value.  It is a hardbound cloth big book. Condition is not great but fair.  Once again, Thank you and good luck to those who are searching.  Happy reading!!!!! 

I received this wonderful book from one of my dearest childhood friends.  My sisters coveted it then, and now, almost forty years later.  If Golden Books would reprint it, Id buy at least three more copies

This is as great a classic for children as any that may ever be published. The illustrations are priceless. The animals are more like our young friends that we know so well. We see human expression in  the eyes and gestures of the beloved characters. Our family has one copy of this classic. We loved each story and wish that more had been created. It is sad that the Golden Book executives have not seen the value in this beautiful piece of children's literature for our current generation of children.  The stories are whimsical as work their magic in the imaginations of the young readers.  I found my copy in our children's library that had been boxed away in the attic. I would wish to own an entire set of all of Pierre Propbst's Caoline stories in English and in French. I agree with others who have responded that this classic work of art should be more readily available to our future generations. How pleased I am to have known Caroline and her friends - they will always be alive in  my heart - and I hope that Pierre Probst knows how many young souls were blessed by his beautiful and creative representations of animals that we love.

I thought I was the only Caroline nut around!  My mom bought me Caroline and Her Friends (Golden Book 1961) for me from Target when I was just learning how to read.  She paid $3.50 for it (the sticker is still on it!).  I had it rebound for my 30th birthday because a few pages had fallen out and a couple were ripped.  Many of the pages are also crinkled around the edges because I used to read the book under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to go to bed.  My favorite picture of all is from the camp story, and the friends are all sliding down a big boulder with Caroline filming on a small movie camera.  Puff is so cute with his fur all rumpled and spitting water out of his mouth!  I recently purchased my second Caroline book ("Caroline in Europe").  When it arrived in the mail, my kids and I promptly sat on the sofa to read the entire book!  We loved it!  If someone knows how to contact Pierre Probst, I would love to let him know how much I adore his characters and what a good friend Caroline was for me!


my uncle always gave me wonderful books for my birthday, and this was given to me when i was 5 (1961) and it as my best, most favorite book. i was so desperate to see other caroline books that my husband and i went to the library of congress on one of our jaunts to washington d.c. and checked out several of them just to see them. i was quite a moment, having longed all my life to see some other books. i have a close friend who lives in france and she sent me 2 caroline books which were in french, and she translated them for me. however, like the rest of you, i surely wish someone would reprint the books in english. i still have my copy, and paid $50 to have it rebound so that my son could love it as well. seeing how many people want it, i now treasure it even more...

This was my favourite book when I was little.  I still have my copy and read it to my kids.  I also found a smaller edition in a Salvation Army shop.  How do we get a publisher to reprint these books?  It must be possible.

Pierre Probst, The golden treasury of Caroline and her friends. I'm so happy to find this page! This is wonderful, and so emotional to find so many fans of Caroline and her pals!  I emailed Golden Books about a year ago to see if they still had copies in print  "The golden treasury of Caroline and her friends", after seeing it online at the Library of Congress holdings. I didn't hear back, so today I searched agin to see if it is there and then found your site on Google!  I think I was about five years old when I saw the Caroline book at Grant's or Woolworth's - I remember being fascinated by it "reading" it in the store and I couldn'\''t put it down. Then the book was given to me for my birthday. I wanted to be just like Caroline with her wonderful friends. My favorite episodes were the Sea Voyage and the Ski Trip. My sister and I both spent hours looking at the picyures and later reading.  I would truly love to find a copy of this wonderful book - my own disappeared many moves. My sister and her two children would love to receive a copy also. If there is anyone that could help encourage Golden Books and Pierre Probst to get together to reprint this book, please let me know!

Pierre Probst, Caroline and Her Friends. My treasured copy was given to me in 1962.  The binding is broken, the pages yellow and worn from being read over and over.  This was my favorite book as a child, and I've lost count of how many times I still pick it up and look at it as an adult.  I would love to be able to buy copies for the new little ones in the family.  My book was printed in France and published by Golden Press, Inc., Rockefeller Center, New York.  Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with other people that enjoyed it as much as I have.

I grew up in Mexico with Caroline books in both English and Spanish. I also have a collection (now for my little daughter)of books by Pierre Probst about a little boy named Fan-Fan. These are in Spanish so I don't know the titles in English. It's a boy (slightly older than Caroline)who has a small boat and rescues various animals.

Pierre Probst, Caroline and Her Friends. I'm so excited to have found these books over the internet finally!! I had the Large golden Book with Chapters.  In additon to Caroline and her friends at the ranch (or out west) and Caroline and Her Friends go to Europe.  These book got lost somehow thru moving .  I always loved the Illustrations!!  I also didnt know the series has gone on through the years.  If you can find a English translation of The Golden Tresuary of Caroline and Her friends I would be so greatful!

Probst, Pierre, Caroline.  At last -- thank you, internet!  I am also a lover of Caroline and her wonderful friends and from time to time have done searches on the web to see if I could buy any of the books.  Not sure if this site can help in that department, but at least I know I'm not alone <g>.  Back in the early 60s my grandmother gave me a copy of the Golden Treasure of Caroline.  The back has come off and it is pretty beat up, but I still love to look through it -- my favorites are the one where she opens up her summer house and the adventure in India where she rides the elephant at the end.  Later when I was in high school I also found one called Caroline On the Moon or Caroline Goes to the Moon or something like that -- I didn't see that title on your list, so you might want to add it.  I'm in the midst of a house renovation project now, but when I unpack my books I'll see if I have any additional publishing information to post.  Thank you all for sharing your stories about Caroline who is right up there with Elizabeth Bennett on my favorite heroines list.

Pierre PROBST, CAROLINE. Sorry for my poor english. I'm french and now, I am buying the old Caroline's books I have read in my childrenhood, because of the dog "Youpi" ("Rusty" in the english version)who looks like my cocker. I have meet Mr Probst at the beginning of the year, it'\''s a very charming man. Best regards!

Pierre Probst, The Golden Treasury of Caroline and her Friends.  Just wanted to add my voice to the many.  The "The Golden Treasury" book was my absolute favorite as a child.  Wonderful illustrations and many little things to discover in Probst's illustrations.  My copy is very, very tattered as it was read over and over by my sister and myself.  It was essentially loved to death.   The book was recently rediscovered at my mother's home when she moved and I very happily took possession of it.

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