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I was under the impression that Watty Piper was a "house" pseudonym for Platt & Munk, but an email correspondant informs me that Watty Piper was the pen name of her great, great, great aunt Mabel C. Bragg.  Alas, that's all I know.  These books retain their intense popularity through the familiar stories and wonderful color illustrations by Eulalie and the quality printing job by Platt & Munk. 

I have requests for all of these anthologies, and often have some in stock.  Although most of these are out-of-print now, they were reprinted for years into the sixties, with several different bindings.  Please inquire.

* designates a title still in print
Animal Friends Story Book.  Platt & Munk, 1928.
Brimful Book.  Illustrated by Eulalie.  Platt & Munk, 1929.
Bumper Book. A Collection of Stories and Verses for Children. Illustrated by Eulalie. Platt & Munk, 1946.
Children of Other Lands.  Illustrated by H.C. Holling.  Platt & Munk, 1933.
Children's Hour with Mr. Tabby Cat and other stories.  Platt & Munk, 1929.
Fairy Tales Children Love.  Platt & Munk, 1932.
Famous Fairy Tales.  Platt & Munk, 1928, 1933.
Famous Rhymes/Mother Goose.  Various illustrators.  Platt & Munk, 192, 1928..
Favorite Nursery Tales.  Platt & Munk, 1934.
Ginger Bread Boy and Other Stories.  Platt & Munk, 1927.
Gateway to Storyland. A Collection of Stories and Verses for Children. Illustrated by Eulalie. Platt & Munk.
Jolly Rhymes of Mother Goose.  Illustrated by Lois Lenski.  Platt & Munk, 1932.
Little Engine That Could.  Illustrated by Lois Lenski.  Platt & Munk, 1930.
*Little Engine That Could.  Illustrated by George & Doris Hauman.  Platt & Munk, 1930, 1945.
Little Folks/Other Lands.  Illustrated by H.C. Holling.  Platt & Munk, 1929.
Nursery Tales Children Love. Illustrated by Eulalie. Platt & Munk, 1925.
Road in Storyland.  Platt & Munk, 1932.
Stories Children Love.  Illustrated by Lois Lenski and Eulalie.  Platt & Munk, 1932.
Stories That Never Grow Old. Best Loved Storesi Retold by Wattie Piper. Illustrated by George and Doris Hauman.  Platt & Munk.
Tales from Storyland.  Illustrated by George & Doris Hauman.  Platt & Munk, 1941. 
Tick-tock tales.  Platt & Munk, 1931.

My Brimful Book--The Dana Bruce versionStories Children LoveFairy Tales That Never Grow OldNursery Tales Children LoveTales from Storyland

Folk Tales Children Love

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Used Books

The Little Engine that Could.  Illustrated by George and Doris Hauman. Platt & Munk, 1954. Hardcover. Silver Anniverary Edition. Previous owner's inscription on first page. VG. $25.00

The Little Engine that Could.  Illustrated by Lois Lenski. Platt & Munk, 1930. Hardcover. Three or four instances of scarring to pages affecting text but not legibility. Cover clean. Spots on back cover. G. $25.00

Nursery Tales Children Love.  Illustrated by Eulalie. Platt & Munk, 1930, 1955. Hardcover. Binding has been retaped. Pages clean. Most pages have small tears on bottom from being turned. $10.00 as is.

Stories that Never Grow Old: Best Loved Stories Retold by Watty Piper. Illustrated by George and Doris Hauman. Platt & Munk, 1969. Hardcover. 11 stories of the original 20. Pagfes very clean and bright. Corners and spine slightly bumped. VG. $16.00

New Books
Little Engine That Could.
        Illustrated by George & Doris Hauman. New Hardback, $11
        Illustrated by Cristina Ong.  New Board book, $6

Hey, where's my favorite title?

Out-of-print books are harder to stock than new books, and some are hard to find, period.  If the title you are seeking is not listed for sale above, that probably means that I am currently out of stock.  However, I am always on the lookout for books, and will gladly quote you when I do find your coveted book. To add your name to my Wants Files, simply fill out a Book Request Form and I will e-mail you when I have a copy in stock.  Thanks.

Book Request Form

The Bumper Book is a collection of short childrens stories and poems. It was my book when I was a child still have it in fact, but cannot find one for my nephew. Thanks for any help.

I have been looking for the beautifully illustrated collection of children's stories called The Bumper Book for a long time.

Every time I think I have found a copy of The Bumper Book someone beats me to it or it is overpriced. I would love to find a copy in good condition and under $75.00 and the 1946 edition if possible.  I am not a collector just a Grandma with fond memories.

If you can find two copies of The Bumper Book (one is for my sister who is expecting) that would be great!

looking for any children's books with illustrations by Eulalie.

Are you familiar with Stories That Never Grow Old? It's an oversized book and the one I owned had a light blue cover.  Some of the stories were The Little Engine That Could, The Boy and the North Wind, and I think Three Billy Goats Gruff.  In any case, I gave away my copy to some children I babysat for when I was a teenager. Would love to get it again. And if it's possible, would like to also get a copy for my sister (would help make up for the obnoxious things I did to her when we were younger).

Stories That Never Grow Old  was a favorite of mine when I was a child and my children loved it too. Somewhere along the way it disappeared. I remember it had a blue cloth cover and beautiful pictures. The Teeny, Tiny Woman was one of them and also the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

I know that Gateland to Storyland has been recently rereleased by Barnes & Noble. However, it is not the complete version. I would be interested in any of the reprint versions from the 50's or 60's.

Hi! I'm looking for a book called The Gateway to Storyland by Watty Piper. It's illustrated by Eulalie and was published in the 1960's. I'm especially interested in one of the older copies because they have more stories, but I'm interested in any copy you can find. Let me know if you can find it! Thanks!

I'm interested in other books with illustrations by Eulalie,  and I'm also interested in more than one copy of The Gateway to Storyland. Thanks!

My grandmother kept this book at her house for all the grandkids.  Reading it and marveling at the wonderful illustrations brings back some of the most pleasant times in my childhood.  I'd love to have a good quality older copy.  In the mid 1970's I bought one for my nephew, but the newer ones were just not the same.

Please, please help me find a copy of The Bumper Book!  My mom wants a copy for Christmas!  Thank you!

I remember that this was a dark-pink book with black lettering. There was a story about monkies who failed to store anything away for the Winter and also one about a boy who lost a penny in the snow and found it in the Spring. Is this the Bumper Book of my childhood?

This book was a children's book of stories (an anthology). I do not know the author or name of it but I bought a copy from the Jewel man who came to homes in the "60's" selling food items such as coffee and etc. It had a green cover and had various types of children's stories such as Little Black Sambo and Winken, Blinkin and Nod.
My copy of Gateway to Storyland is green.  I know some other editions  were red, but I had my copy in the very early 60's, it was medium green and was a large book, 10X12, and edited by Watty Piper.  It has Little Black Sambo, The Three Little Kittens, The Sugarplum Tree, The Gingerbread Boy,and several others.  The person inquiring specifically mentioned Little Black Sambo and I know they stopped putting that story in children's anthologies at about that time.  I think the Better Homes and Gardens Storybook (the first one from the 50's) also had Little Black Sambo.

I have my original Bumper Book from the early '50's, plus a re-print from 1969 which are both treasures. I love the illustrations by Eulalie and hope the Bringful Book might be similar to The Bumper book - don't know but that is what I am looking for, those wonder illustrations. Thank you!

Gateway to Storyland was a favorite book in our house when I was growing up. It was a particularly special to my sister, who is now expecting her first baby.  Would love to find a copy in really good condition.  Thanks.

My siblings and I all enjoyed the Bumper Book as children in the early '50's and also received a copy for my children. We read it till it fell apart. My mom had been searching for it for years and last year, she was in an antique store, when she found a copy (1937 or 1939) in beautiful condition!

I still have my childhood copy of the Bumper Book, and now at age 45 I still love it. My sister, a school teacher, hates it. Go figure.

I too enjoyed this book as a child and have been painting children's footstools that look like they came out of the book. 

I just wanted to email you and let you know that Watty Piper did exist,  Watty Piper is the pen name of my great, great, great aunt Mabel C. Bragg.

The Gateway to Storyland:  Is this a valuable book to own??  I bought my copy (very good condition - looks like it was bought and never read) from the Salvation Army Thrift store for $1!  I'd never heard of it before my own copy, and then I find a whole horde of people here who remember it from their childhood and so forth...

I have the hardcover book Children's Hour with Mr. Tabby Cat (and Other Stories) by Watty Piper.  Copyright 1922, Platt & Munk, New York.  It contains both color and black and white illustrations, but does not name the illustrator.  I haven't seen anything by Watty Piper with this early a copyright date.  I know nothing about this book, and have found absolutely nothing about it on the internet.  Is there anyone who can shed any light on this?

I had to smile when I read what you wrote about The Gateway To Storyland. My brother and sister had that book as children and I always loved the two page spread of the Sugarplum Tree. I always wanted that piture framed. It is the encompassing image of my childhood. The books got split up amongst us as we all got older and left home. The book was my sister's and she, of course, gave it away. I've searched, in vain for it. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not crazy and that the picture of the Sugarplum Tree really existed!

watty piper, the bumper book. like all of the aformentioned people who have requested this book, i would dearly love a copy also.  my mother read it to me, i read it to my daughter and would like to read it to my grandson.  my daughter died several years ago and although my grandson is now a teenager he still wants to see this book as it is a tie to his mother.  i don't care if it is a recent edition as i am not a collector of rare books. thank-you.

Edited by Watty Piper.  I have three Watty Piper books but the one I am looking for a title for is the one many people have described in your comments. The cover has been lost but the 21 stories and verses are: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Little Black Sambo, My Shadow, Three Little Pigs, Three Little Kittens, The Rooster, The Mouse and the Little Red Hen, Mr Pig Goes to Market, The Gingerbread Boy, The Wise Little Jackal, The Discontented Pig, The Sugar Plum Tree, Chicken Little, The Little Gray Pony, The Travels of a Fox, Mrs, Tabby Gray, The Camel and the Pig, The Little Tar Man, The Ice Cream Man, One Stormy Night, The Little Red Hen and the Grain of Wheat and Burrito and the Beautiful Animals. Does anyone know the name and have a description of the cover? 1955 - 1967 era. I read them to my children, grandchildren and now my great grandchild and all loved them.

Watty Piper, Gateway to Storyland and The Bumper Book.  I snagged these books from my childhood home when my parents were moving out of state 20 years ago (they were going to donate them) and have kept them under lock and key since.  I loved reading and rereading them as a child and have shared them w/my 3 children as well.  My sister confiscated The Bumper Book from me a few years ago, but I know it is safe w/her.  Unfortunately, they have been abused, written in and some pages torn, and the cover is gone from Gateway to Storyland, but the pictures,stories and memories are priceless. I believe they were published sometime in the late 50's.  My favorite stories are "Little Black Sambo" and "The Owl and the Pussycat". These illustrations have the power to make a child believe the stories are real.  Thanks to whomever Watty Piper was for these beautiful creations. Where could I find other works and possibly the same books in better condition?

I've been searching in vain for a children's storybook I had as a child and that I want for my 3 year old grandaughter. My book was a gift from a favorite aunt in the early 50's (I was born in 1950) and my younger sister, brother and I read it endlessly. I have no memory of the title, author or even the cover (we literally read the cover off....), but it was a large book with vividly colored pictures on every page. The stories and poems I can remember include children's classic like The Three Little Kittens, The Little Gingerbread Man, Tar Baby, andThe Little Red Hen. There is also a story that featured an alligator that hid under a pile of fruit (figs?) waiting to catch his unsuspecting victim (whether man or beast I can't remember). My most vivid memory is of a two-page spread featuring the poem The Sugarplum Tree. The tree is full of all kinds of candy, and several rosy-cheeked children in their footed pajamas catch the candy as it falls from the tree. There are more stories and poems, but those are the only ones I remember.  I'm assuming the book is now out of print, since I've exhausted all posibilities in my city (Birmingham, Alabama). Actually, I saw the book once about 15 years ago while looking for a gift and recognized it immediately, but my own children were teens by then and I didn't have the foresight to buy it for an as-yet unthought of grandchild. I'm delighted to know your resource exists - I think you're my only hope!

Most of the stories you gave are in my 1961 Childcraft book--also coverless, so I don't know which volume you want.. Our set had 15 in it. This set's earliest copyright is 1954. There is a reference to a 1931 copyright of The Child's Treasury as well. It is a truly wonderful book (the whole set is great) of children's verse. There are two other books from that series that you shouldn't miss: One is a collection of well-known fables and folk tales and the other has stories from other countries. I think there is another book of verse in that collection, but I don't remember it well enough to comment on it. These books are numbered in the first three or four of the set. Hope you find them. My mother read them to me, I read them to my now teenagers, and I know that they will read them to their children. May you be found completely and safely in our King and Savior Jesus Christ when He returns.

With the exception of the Tar Baby, all the stories she mentioned are also in either Gateway to Storyland or Stories that Never Grow Old.  I also vividly remember the two page spread of the sugarplum tree.  I had both these books well into adulthood, and have been looking for them every since my husband stored mine in a puddle and ruined them (I found a reprint of Stories that never Grow Old, but it doesn't have all the stories in it that mine did.)

I'm not a collector of books at all, so I'm not sure exactly how to descibe what I am looking for (ie first edition, first printing, etc.) I essentially want the very first copy of  The Little Engine That Could that was ever produced.

I am looking for a book by Watty Piper with a specific story in it.  I am not sure of the spelling, but here goes a shot at it.  I believe the name of the story was "singabus".  It is a story about a duck who went fishing, and the west wind kept blowing the fishing hole shut.  Can you help me???
The story is called "Shingebiss" and it appears as the fifth story in the Tales From Storyland  volume. It was a favorite of mine as a child, too! Reading it as an adult, it's really a great study in character, belief in one's self and overcoming odds with tenacity and grace. I'm happy to say, it's still one of my favorite stories, all these years later.
I saw this on your pages, and wanted to let you know that this story was also in the 1939(?) Edition of Stories that Never Grow Old.  My mother read her brother's copy to me as I was growing up, and it was my favorite story in the collection.  I also agree with your assessment-it's a study in pluck!

I am looking for a hardcover children's book I had when I was young for my children. I don't remember the name, author, etc. It was about 13 x 10 and red.  The stories included Little Black Sambo, The Gingerbread Man and My Shadow - among many others. If you could find this book - it would be wonderful! Thank you!
I'm wondering if this book was Gateway to Storyland?  The 60s edition had a red cover with a picture in the center of various characters in the book.
Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I actually found the book I was looking for! I went into my parent's attic and went through boxes and boxes in the heat. Just before I was going to give up, I found a box with some of my old books in it. The book I was searching for is called the GATEWAY TO STORYLAND edited by Watty Piper. It is still in wonderful condition.

The book I'm interested in locating was purchased between 1969 and 1973.  It was a large (10 x 12), nicely illustrated, book of poems by a variety of authors.  It was about an inch thick.  The book had a glossy hard cover that I think was bright green - but I don't remember the cover design. Three poems I particularly remember are: Wynken, Blynken and Nod by Eugene Fields. This poem was beautifully illustrated on 2 pages near the front of the book.  It showed 3 children in a boat with nets and stars as fish. The second poem is Vespers by A.A. Milne.  This too was illustrated, but I think this had a black & white illustration near the middle of the book.  The third poem, near the end of the book, also illustrated showing a wooden cabinet, was The Cupboard by Walter de la Mare.  (I don't know why, but I thought the author in the book was listed as Anonymous.)  I read this book to my twin daughters at bedtime and would like to share it with my grandchildren.  I hope you can help.
Check out the Anthology Finder and see if anything rings a bell...  I suspect the most likely culprits to be Watty Piper or Fern Bisel Peat (earlier than what you're looking for, probably, and not listed yet on the Finder page).
Edited by Watty Piper. Illustrated by Eulalie., The Bumper Book, 1946.  My copy (an early edition with pasted-down cover illustration) has 22 poems, all illustrated in color. "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" by Eugene Field (beautifully illustrated with stars in the water around the boat) is the first poem in the book. Walter de la Mare'\''s "The Cupboard" is the ninth poem. "Vespers" is NOT in my copy, but "Christopher Robin is Saying His Prayers" by A. A. Milne is the fifth poem. Also, I vaguely remember hearing that different editions of The Bumper Book have poems added or deleted. So maybe it is the right title, but the wrong edition. The illustrations are LOVELY. Eulalie is the best! Good luck in finding your book! :)
Watty Piper, The Bumper Book. This may be the book.  It definitely contains the three poems listed, as well as others such as The Owl and the Pussycat and the one that begins "Animal crackers and cocoa to drink," and probably The Swing as well.  (The poems are interspersed with some rather odd little stories. The poems are definitely the highlight of the book.)

I am very surprized that people that correspond don't talk about "The Swing" (Oh how I love to go up in the air)and about Grandma's slippery knee. How I long for a copy of the Bumper Book.

Watty Piper, The Gateway to Storyland. I just located my childhood copy of "The Gateway to Storyland"  I thought about it off and on over the years, but couldn'\''t remember the name.  I loved "The Sugarplum Tree" the most, especially the chocolate cat.  What a joy to find it after all these years.  (My copy is green, copyright date of 1954 - the binding is scotch-taped together now!)

Watty Piper, The Bumper Book. 'The Bumper Book was given to each of the grandchildren in my generation.  This is my favorite book of all time.  I would love to give it to my children, but unfortunatly it is out of print.  Why do children's books go out of print, especially a book that is as loved as this one?  Is there a way this book can be put back in circulation? I'm sure that it would be on the best seller list.  You never know it could be on Oprah's book club list for children's books.  If I could get a few copies that are in excellant condition, but don't cost an arm and a leg I would buy them for my future children as well as my friend's children.  If Dick & Jane can come back in print so can "The Bumper Book".

Watty Piper, The Bumper Book. I too was read, has read & love my copy of the Bumper Book.  Mine has a Thick paper cover that is a Golden tan color with the words The Bumper Book printed out in "twigs". I think it was published in the 1940's.  It has the Wynken Blyken & Nod as well as The Swing, The Cupboard, Animal Crackers, Owl & the Pussy Cat, The Little Boy who was Too Thin.. to mention a few.  I was amazed to read that there are so many editions out of this book.  Mine also has the Rhymes for the days of the week as well as the Alphabet Ryme " A is for Apple Pie...pie-sy... wie-sy.. mie..sy, etc." It is an extrodinary book.  If I could get my hands on 2 copies of this version I would give them to my sons on their wedding days.


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