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Our ninth year of participation in the International Edible Books Festival was on Saturday, April 7st, 2012.  It was a beautiful day...and the day before Easter, so although we may not have had quite as many participants as last year, the entries were still fun, creative and delicious!

Many thanks to Carla Fontecchio for the photography.

Best in Show

by Donita Singerman

Most Creative

I Run, Therefore I am Nuts!
by Amy and Sean Hensley

Most Book-Like

Matzo Book
by Gene Epstein

Most Appetizing

The World According to GORP
by Aime Albert

Most Literary

Dr. Seuss
by Bonnie Sutherland

Honorable Mention

Bread-gar Allan Poe-p Up Books
by Ben Zober and Sarah Cohen

Honorable Mention

Ten Plagues
by Rachel Krislov

Honorable Mention

by Jean Pekoc

The Art of Paper Folding
by Audrey Busta-Peck

Beans on the Roof
by Will Young
Junior participant

Charlotte's Web
by Julie A. Sipula

Cider House Rules
by the Friends of the Shaker Library

End of the Line (Where the Sidewalk Ends)
by Ted Hubish
Teen participant

by Ellen Strong

Ezra Pound Cake
by Sarah Sphar

Girl Scout Cookie Book
by the young ladies of Girl Scout Troop 70451
Junior participants

God Never Bakes and Be the Miracle Whip
by Christine Borne

Green Eggs & Ham
by Ella Daugherty and Susan Petrone
Junior participant

Green Eggs and Ham
by Roy Pekoc

A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich
by the Friends of the Shaker Library

Hogwarts Express
by Claudia Jiyun Zhu
YA participant

How Many Jelly Beans?
by Heidi Landskroener

How to Rise Up Like New Bread
by Arlene Bialic

Hunger Games
by Anise Bauman
Teen participant

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
by Cara Sutherland
Teen participant

Jack and the Beanstalk
by Margaret Simon

Let Them Eat Cake!
by Michael Grad

Loganberry Yum
by Otis

The Lorax
by Natalie Grace Sipula
YA participant

The Lorax
by Ryan Bartley
Junior participant

Magic Tree House
by Jeffrey Bartley
Junior participant

by Lorraine Angus

Oliver Twist
by Jean Sommer

Ten Little Rubber Ducks
by Chloe Grad
Junior participant

Toothpaste Millionaire
by Katie and Maggie Love
Junior participants

The Velveeta Rabbit
by Camilla Grigsby

Worst Seller List
by Jerry Zober


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