Yes, we buy and sell used books.

Tuesdays and Fridays are buying days, but it is advised to call ahead (216-795-9800).

Some of our inventory is sold to us by people bringing us their used books. Others are purchased from estates, auctions, moving sales, consignment, other dealers, etc. Although we occasionally arrange to come out to look at large and specialized collections, in general we ask that you bring your books into Loganberry for evaluation.

We are quite selective and consider books on a book-by-book basis. When determining the value of books we always consider the demand for the book in our market and the book’s condition. Condition is the most important criteria, and can affect a book’s value exponentially. We can only give you an offer on your books if we see them in person. We would not want to mislead you over the phone or make a promise we could not keep.

While we buy both hardcover and paperback books, we also look for:

  • Children’s books:  classic, vintage and contemporary, not television or film tie-ins
  • Fiction:  classics, vintage, translations, poetry, mysteries, science fiction, contemporary
  • Mass Market paperbacks:  only select, classic titles
  • Non-fiction:  serious scholarship in all genres, not surveys or textbooks
  • Art:  monographs, niche history (not broad overviews), pretty books with great color reproductions
  • Leather:  beautiful old things in good condition, hopefully with literary significance
  • Performing Arts:  academic and pictorial histories, plays and some biographies

We avoid book club editions, ex-library copies, text books, encyclopedias, magazines or incomplete sets.  We also avoid dated materials like travel guides, how-to manuals, or computer manuals.  All books must be in pristine condition; we avoid anything in bad condition, dogeared or missing pages/covers, or anything musty, mildewed or underlined/highlighted.

We offer a cash value at wholesale terms based on current market values (which includes whether or not we actually need the title – we’ll often decline saleable titles if we already have a couple on the shelf). That figure is also redeemable for 20% more in store credit (i.e., good towards purchases at Loganberry Books), for which we have a standard “credit slip” which can be used at the time of purchase (book credits expire one year from date of issue).

Our buyers know what sells in our store and should any of your books not be a good fit, we will be happy to suggest alternatives for resale or donation.

Holiday Hiatus:  in preparation for our biggest events of the year, we go on book buying hiatus for 2-4 weeks prior to major events.  This is necessary to clean up and focus on these events (there is always a space and staff issue, after all).  These events generally include (but are not limited to) our annual Larchmere Festival / Author Alley (usually the first Saturday in July) and the Larchmere Holiday Stroll / Indies First (Thanksgiving weekend).  Translated, that means we will not be buying books for the last couple weeks of June, nor for the entire month of November.  Please call or email if you have questions.

Please note: As a general rule, we do not offer appraisals. We are book dealers engaged in the practice of buying and selling used and rare books; offering an appraisal would imply a conflict of interest.